“For the first time ever, players will be able to immerse themselves in a complete Potterverse experience with up to 6 friends online.”

The “harry potter: magic awakened release date global” is a mobile game that was released by NetEase and Warner Bros. It is the first Harry Potter game to be released on mobile devices.

You’re an MMOTCG, Harry: NetEase and Warner Bros. announce Harry Potter Magic Awakened


If you’re still lamenting the loss of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in January, fear not: the series has released yet another multiplayer wizarding world mobile game. It’s called Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, and it’s described as a “free-to-play immersive collectable card (CCG) and massively multiplayer (MMO) wizarding dueling game with a combination of strategic roleplay (RPG) by Portkey Games, Warner Bros., and NetEase.” I have no clue what any of it means; it seems to be a multiplayer card game for mobile devices.

“Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, co-developed and co-published by Warner Bros. Games and NetEase Games, will launch globally for iOS and Android later this year as the latest title under Portkey Games, the label dedicated to creating new mobile and videogame experiences inspired by the Wizarding World that put the player at the center of their own adventure.” Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a multiplayer wizarding dueling game that combines an immersive role-playing adventure with sophisticated tactical play to satisfy fan fantasies – all gorgeously portrayed in a distinctive graphic style. Both firms worked on every element of production to create a realistic depiction of the wizarding world, from early concepting and visual design to the story’s storyline and general gameplay system, combining the capabilities of two gaming and online entertainment powerhouses.”

“Players will begin as young witches and wizards who have recently received admission letters to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. Fans may create their own character and participate in all aspects of a magical education, such as buying school materials in Diagon Alley, wearing the Sorting Hat to be assigned to a House, and participating in the Duelling Club. Witches and wizards will also embark on a thrilling new adventure, incorporating both old and new characters from the Harry Potter books. As the game progresses, players will discover spells and charms that can be cast using cards. Players must gain magical knowledge in order to master these spells, invent unique methods, and construct winning combinations – understanding what to cast and when – as they face more difficult challenges, battle other players, and master the magic in their own glorious wizarding adventure.”

It apparently began in China last autumn and exceeded expectations, so it’s now starting in the United States — this year, though pre-registration in the Western world is accessible as of today via the official site and Android.


The “how to get harry potter: magic awakened” is a mobile game that has been released by NetEase and Warner Bros. It was developed by the same company that created Order & Chaos Online, the MMOTCG. The game has been described as a typical MMOTCG with some new twists and turns.

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