World War II Online, a battle royale game from developer Red Shell is heading to Indiegogo for its next big crowdfunding campaign. The upcoming release of the popular game will feature new maps and vehicles in addition to “a whole slew” of other features that are already underway.

Gloria Victis is a sandbox MMO that has been in development for over 2 years. The game is now on Indiegogo to crowdfund its 2022 roadmap features.

World War II Online heads to Indiegogo to crowdfund its 2022 roadmap features


Last month, World War II Online creator Cornered Rat Software unveiled its 2022 upgrade plans, which include new weaponry, logistics vehicles, the ability for tank personnel to repair their tanks, artillery, and more. Because making these things happen in the shooter costs money, the developers are using Indiegogo to crowdfund these additions.

“WWII Online is 100 percent community-funded, and we run financing rounds like this to assist reinforce interesting development possibilities sought by our gamers, as requested by our community.” We’ve listened to you, and we’re getting ready to deliver on the 2022 plan. This fundraising effort is crucial in ensuring Playnet/Cornered Rat Software has the resources it needs to achieve these objectives.”

Since stated in the quotation, this kind of crowdfunding effort isn’t unprecedented, as WWI Online has done it ten times before, so gamers of the shooter shouldn’t be startled. The campaign is aiming $40K to bring its 2022 plan to reality, and CRS developers will keep any monies collected regardless of whether the target is accomplished.

We’re calling on the WWII Online community for supporting the development and production of our 2022 roadmap! Go to to read about the details and contribute. Artillery, Motorized Mortars, Gliders, terrain conversion to Unreal Engine and more!

— Cornered Rat Software (@corneredrats) March 22, 2022


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