The World of King’s Bounty 2 is a rather complex place, populated by a variety of units and factions. If you are looking to recruit the best units, you need to learn how to identify the best that your kingdom has to offer—and that is a job that is easier said than done.

Kings Bounty 2 is a great game, but while it does a great job of implementing a lot of the ideas in this article, it doesn’t do a very good job of making them useful to the player. For example, while the game has an item you can collect at the end of the level that tells you what is in the treasure chests and hallways, the descriptions are so vague that they’re practically useless. I’d like to remedy that by providing a guide on the best places to find units in Kings Bounty 2 after you’ve mastered the game.

The King’s Bounty series is one of the most popular strategy games on the market, with the most recent release, King’s Bounty: The Legend, selling millions of units. No wonder, as this is an extremely enjoyable game that offers a lot of depth to players.

Where To Recruit The Best Units In King's Bounty 2 One of King’s Bounty II’s most exciting elements is the ability to build your own army. Where To Find The Best Units is a guide on where to find the best units. All of the recruiters we’ve found and the units they sell are listed in King’s Bounty 2. Some are accessible for free when you visit various locations and talk with various Recruiters. Others demand that you finish a mission before you may enlist the special troops.

The places are listed here in the order we found them as you advance through the game. We’ll explain how to unlock any extra special troops as well as the units accessible by default at each Recruiter. Check out our Unit Details Guide for additional information on the troops in King’s Bounty 2.

Decim, the Recruiter At Fort Crucis, you’ll encounter the first Recruiter. Spearman and War Dogs are two of the breeds he offers.

Recruiter Mark (Albian Highlands, Woodcutting Camp) Recruiter Mark will initially stock Wolves. If you complete the Axes & Splinters Quest, you can unlock an additional unit. If you choose to side with the Dwarves you will unlock Dwarven Militiamen. If you choose to side with the Humans, you will unlock Brigands.

Berengarius is a character in the Berengarius series (Albian Highlands, Mages Tower) You may recruit Skeletons and Ghouls if you finish the Cold Bones quest.

Helena, a recruiter (Albian Highlands, Bliss) Following the main mission, you’ll run across Helena. Spearman, Dogs of War, Archers, and Healers are among the items she offers.

Inside the city walls, Recruiter Snip (Crown Lands, Marcella). Brigands, Raiders, and Wolves will be sold by this Recruiter. You may recruit Free Archers here if you finish the The Old Outpost Gang quest and choose to talk with Snip.

Dexter, the Recruiter (Crown Lands, Marcella) Spearmen, Dogs of War, Archers, and Swordsman may all be found here. You may recruit Crossbowmen at this recruiter if you finish The Old Outpost Gang quest and opt to Report Postum to the Head of the Guard.

Kurt, a recruiter (Crown Lands, Marcella) It’s possible that this is your first chance to recruit some Finesse units. Healers, Wind Spirits, Spirits of Light, and Stone Elementals are all sold by this Recruiter.

Another Recruiter in the city of Marcella is Irene (Crown Lands, Marcella). She is an expert in Anarchy units. Dark Spirits, Skeletons, Ghouls, Skeleton Archers, Assassins, and Dark Adepts may all be purchased.

Jackard, the Recruiter (Crown Lands, West Quarry) Then talk with Recruit Jackard after completing the mission Reasonable Help from the city of Marcella. Clay and Iron Golems will be sold by him.

Artemio, a recruiter (Crown Lands, Pig Of Life Tavern) This Recruiter can is found on Marcella’s south east side, near the aqueduct. Bears, Militiamen, and Heavy Crossbowmen are among the items he offers.

Fist, the Recruiter (Crown Lands, Bludgeon’s Camp) Brigands, Raiders, Wolves, and Eagles are all sold by this Recruiter. You’ll get Free Archers and Mercenaries if you deliver the deed to Bludgeon in the narrative quest.

Quint is a recruiter (Crown Lands, Troll Village) This Recruiter is in a troll-infested hamlet. You go there in order to complete the main objective Refugee Camp. Stoneskin Trolls and Trolls are among the items he offers.

Recruiter Valiant (Crown Lands, Graveyard Near Marcellan Aqueduct) becomes a Recruiter if you side with Valiant and return the crystal after deciding on the Soul Seal. Ghouls, Skeletons, Skeleton Archers, Zombies, and Ghosts are among the items he offers.

Arsene Wenger’s recruiter (Crown Lands, North Marshes) Skeleton Archers, Zombies, and Ancient Ghouls are all sold by this Recruiter.

Torif is a recruiter (Crown Lands, North Village) This Recruiter may be found in Crown Lands’ North region, near the hamlet in the map’s north center. Housecarls, Militiamen, and Heavy Crossbowman are among the items he offers.

I’m Edgar, and I’m (Crown Lands, Rickville) Wolves, Bears, Eagles, and Gryphons are all sold by this Recruiter. Edgar will sell Ancient Wolves if you opt to take the totem from the wolf in the Trappers quest.

Evert, the Recruiter (Crown Lands, Mages Tower) Swordsmen, Heavy Crossbowmen, Free Archers, and Mercenaries are all sold by this Recruiter.

Olorin, the Recruiter (Crown Lands, Mages Tower) Spirits of Light, Wind Spirits, Iron Golems, Stone Elementals, and Sentry Golems are all sold by this Recruiter.

Nelberg, the recruiter (Crown Lands, Ancient Crypts) Skeleton Archers, Zombies, Ghosts, Ancient Ghouls, and Death Knights are all available from Nelberg.

Govin, the recruiter (Crown Lands, Windy Port Fair) Flamethrowers, Berserkers, Housecarls, and Bear Riders are all available from this recruiter.

Rhunius, the Recruiter (Crown Lands, Guard Camp in Marcella) Until you reach a certain point in the narrative, this location is accessible. The Recruiter here sells Crossbowmen, Knights, Cavalrymen, and Royal Mages after they’ve been unlocked.

Iggur, the Recruiter (Crown Lands, Windy Port Fair) Complete the Troll Mind task and a recruiter will appear. Trolls, Stoneskin Trolls, and Troll Chiefs are among the items he offers.

Valdemara, the Recruiter (Crown Lands, Windy Port Town) Mercenaries, Gryphons, and Ancient Wolves are among the items she offers. Choose the Make a Deal with Damien option later in the game during the Through The Quarantine quest to enable Sentry Golems and Berserkers to recruit here.

Yven, a recruiter (Crown Lands, Town South of Eastern Road Fast Travel Point) Stone Elementals, Ice Elementals, Fire Elementals, and Disciples are all sold by this Recruiter.

Alessandro, a recruiter (Crown Lands, Castle Ardenne) Stone, Fire, and Ice Elementals, as well as Gargoyles, are sold by this Recruiter.

Recruiter Nimic (Crown Lands, North East of Castle Cadence) This Recruiter sells Death Knights, Ancient Ghouls, and Ghosts. When you complete the nearby quest, Julian & Rosaline, the Death Knights will be upgraded to Rank 3.

Noxis, the Recruiter (Crown Lands, Floster) Assassins, Dark Adepts, and Dark Spirits are all sold by this Recruiter.

Septim, a recruiter (Crown Lands, Floster) Knights, Disciples, Sentry Golems, Cavalrymen, and Royal Mages are all sold by this recruiter.

Buckdor, the Recruiter (Crown Lands, Floster) Berserkers, Flamethrowers, Housecarls, and Bear Riders are all sold by this Recruiter. To get additional Bear Riders, complete the Iron Men quest.

Gislain, the Recruiter (Crown Lands, Floster) Stoneskin Trolls, Troll Chiefs, and Ancient Wolves are available for purchase from this recruiter.

Recruiter Larie (Crown Lands, Witches House, Story) This recruiter sells Fire & Ice Elementals, Gryphons, and Ancient Wolves. When you complete Lyssa’s Dungeon quest, you can recruit Red Dragon’s from Larie.

Gargoyle Recruiter (Crown Lands, Southern Albian Spurs) Select the Finesse option after completing the mission Beauty and the Beasts. There will be a Gargoyle recruiter selling Gargoyles and Chimeras.

Recruiter Francos (Crown Lands, Mouth of Rouen) Unlock this Recruiter by completing the mission A Fatal Voyage. Bone Dragons, Ancient Ghouls, and Ghosts are among the items he offers.

We’ll update this list if we discover any additional recruiters.


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King’s Bounty 2 is the latest RTS game in a series called “King’s Bounty”, which has had a dozen installments over the years. The main goal of the game is to recruit and manage a large assortment of warriors, all the while defeating the armies of the Twelve Tribes, a faction that will do anything to destroy the Kingdom of Thrace. None of the games in the series are particularly difficult, but they are all highly challenging – and really fun.. Read more about king’s bounty: dark side best units and let us know what you think.

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