Wizard101 is a massively multiplayer online game where players can participate in quests, battle with friends for loot, and collect enough stars to power their spells. If you’re new to wizard101 or just looking for some tips on how to strengthen your spells, this blog will help!

The “wizard101 hidden spells” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question is not as easy as it seems. This game does not have any in-game spellbooks, so the best way to get them is to buy them from the Wizard101 store.

Where do you get Astral spells in wizard101? |

When you reach level 50 and enter Celestia, you get astral spells. You must also have training points:P.

So, in Wizard101, where do you receive blade spells?

At level 25, you can gain the blades from the Balance tree in Krokotopia, but you’ll have to expend skills points to get them, and you’ll have to get the traps first. You don’t need to pay any skill points on them unless you’re balanced.

The issue then becomes, “How do you gain additional spells in Wizard101?” The Wizard101 Message Boards would like to welcome you to the Wizard101 Message Boards. Spells may be obtained from your school’s professor, the “Secret” Other Trainers, Hoard Packs, and monsters, as well as missions. You may get additional information by clicking on the highlighted elements on that link (like “who give the quest”, and “where they are located”, and “prequests”).

Second, in Wizard101, where do you become monstrous?

Gaining access to the “Monstrous” spell You can either purchase it in Myth Treasure Card form in the Bazaar (or presumably from some of the libraries – not sure about that), or you can study it in Celestia with Training Points after you’ve reached level 50. (Sun School).

In Wizard101, how can you gain shadow spells?

Sofia DarkSide, a smart mouse mage in Moon Cliffs’ Eclipse Tower, can teach you Shadow Magic. You will only be allowed to speak with her after completing the objective “Touching Shadow,” and she will teach you Shadow Magic when you beat her.

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In Wizard101, what level do you gain life blade?

Hello, you receive your life blade somewhere around level 21-22 at the conclusion of the Krokosphinx main plot (back to balance), which is convenient since you can also learn your life trap around level 22 from the hidden instructor in colossus blvd:-) Mildred Farseer’s name is Mildred Farseer, and she’s down some steps to Mindy’s left.

In Wizard101, at what levels do you gain new spells?

Level 35 and 55 players now have access to new spells. Speak to Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town if you are over the level requirements and have completed the relevant missions mentioned below.

In Wizard101, what are blades?

Blades are Charms that may be put on a friendly target to change the target’s outgoing damage. These all stack to affect the following damaging spell that corresponds to their school type.

In Wizard101, how can you obtain a sharpened blade?

Sharpen Blade is a spell that may be discovered and learned in Azteca’s Three Points. To gain this spell, you must finish the quest “Turn Up the Sun” in Azteca and be level 86. To activate the obelisk, you must report to Pacal Redmask in the Zocalo after defeating Clemente Moraga in Mangrove Marsh.

Wizard101, where is the balancing tree?

In Krokotopia, Niles the Balance Tree is a Balance School Trainer as well as a Treasure Card Recipe Vendor. He may be found at the Krokosphinx’s southwest section, just outside the School of Balance’s entrance.

In Wizard101, where do you obtain gargantuan?

The floating land obelisk has gargantuan and the zafaria sun obelisk in the drum jungle has colossal. I suppose you were referring to the sun obelisk’s restoration. Gargantuan is not a skill that can be gained via a quest. It is taught by the Sun School Trainer in Celestia’s Floating Land.

Where can I find out more about monstrous?

You must first study tough and huge from the Celestial Base Camp sun school trainer before learning monstrous. After that, there is a sun school trainer at the telaport stone hub on the Floating Land in Celestia. It will be enormous and massive (level 58 enchantment).

In Wizard101, where is the sun school trainer?

The two Sun School Trainers in Celestia have the appearance of oil drums and first appear during the mission About the Astrals. The Zafaria Sun School Trainer is an obelisk that appears in the Drum Jungle during the mission Midnight Sun.

What is the best way to get Spellements?

Getting into Spellwrighting

Spellement drops are currently best obtained from elites or bosses in the Wizard City Underground side region, as well as Loremaster in Dragonspyre. A instructional suggestion from Gamma will display on the UI if you successfully acquire a spellement, and a new spellwrighting tab will open in your spellbook.

In Wizard101, how do you receive spell cards?

Spell Cards for Wizard101

To do so, press ‘P’ to bring up your Spell Deck screen. On the top right of the screen, click the golden button with cards on it. By just clicking on your treasure cards, you can now navigate through them and put them in your deck.

In Wizard101, where can you purchase spell decks?

Larger Spell decks may be dropped, bought in a deck store while questing, or sold at the Ole Town Bazaar.

In Wizard101, how do you get training points?

You may acquire training points in one of two ways:

  1. 1) As you go through the levels, you get Training Points. Every four levels from 1 to 20 earns you one training point.
  2. 2) Training Points are earned by completing particular missions.
  3. You may earn up to 18 Training Points after you reach level 50.

In Wizard101, what are all the many worlds?

Worlds of Wizard101

  • The city of wizards. Everything revolves around Wizard City.
  • Krokotopia. Krokotopia is a mythical kingdom full with lost riches.
  • Marleybone. Dogs, cats, and basic etiquette call Marleybone home.
  • MooShu.
  • Dragonspyre.
  • Celestia.
  • Grizzleheim & Wintertusk.
  • Wysteria.

In Wizard101, how can you level up quickly?

Every time you spend a pip to perform a spell, you get 3 experience (0-pip spells are worth 3 experience). Quests provide much higher prizes. Because missions in later worlds provide the greatest experience, completing the main quest series as quickly as possible is the quickest method to level up and get experience.

Wizard101 has a wide variety of spells that can be obtained through quests, events, and other means. The “wizard101 sun spells” are one such spell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the astral schools in wizard101?

A: There is no such thing as astral school in wizard101.

How do you unlock Astral spells in Azteca?

A: To unlock all the spells in Azteca, you need to meet a certain criteria. In order for your dragon to be able to breathe fire and use other physical attacks, it needs to have an Astral level of at least 10 stars.

How do you get star spells?

A: You can get star spells from the start of a song or by using your champion power. Champion powers are earned after completing songs and they each have different effects on the gameplay. Some examples are changing colors, creating walls, increasing speed…

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