ZergNet is a world that has been ravaged by an alien invasion. Mysterious powers have changed the planet’s landscape and people are forced to band together in order to survive against these forces of darkness.
ZergNet offers players different ways for them to enjoy their favorite games, such as PVE or PvP modes with other users from around the globe.
Players can also choose which faction they wish to play for, whether it be StarCorp Security Forces or The Dominion Military Corps., depending on what role suits you best!

ZergNet is a fictional website that has been written about in a series of novels. It’s an online gaming site where users can build their own worlds, and there are also games for users to play.

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What exactly is ZergNet?

ZergNet is the world’s biggest invite-only, native recommendation network for premium publishers seeking to increase high-quality traffic to their websites.

They will only admit websites into their hand-picked network if they consistently post high-quality material and adhere to strict editorial guidelines.

Gaming, movies, news, entertainment, technology, food, travel, lifestyle, finance, science, music, and other themes are all covered by ZergNet Publishers. Over 13,000 article suggestions are A/B tested every second by the ZergNet network. This cutting-edge technology optimizes headline and thumbnail combinations across a hand-curated network of thousands of sites that use the ZergNet widget.

Go to zergnet.com to view samples of the publishers that manage ZergNet. Then, on the article’s page, look for the ZergNet widget. ZergNet is usually found below the article or on the sidebar.

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ZergNet’s content-only recommendation tool aids digital publishers in solving two of their most pressing issues: developing an audience and monetizing that audience while only displaying actual, relevant material (no toe nail fungus, clickbait galleries, misleading articles or really any ads at all).

A Publisher has the option of earning traffic (Development of the target audience) or income from widget clicks. In both cases, the results will always be 100% articles with no advertisements.

The ZergNet team hand-designs entirely desktop, mobile, and tablet widgets for each specific partner site to match the CSS, colors, style, and layout.

ZergNet users what is zergnet

For example, a video game website will only have articles from the Video Game Vertical on ZergNet display in the content widget they place below their postings. A Food/Drink site, on the other hand, would show results from the Food Vertical.

By putting an ad-free suggestion widget beneath the article or in the sidebar, publishers may earn cash and visitors. It is the only native advertising business that personally curates what they display, providing the finest Advertisement Quality possible. This significantly reduces the need for publishers to regularly monitor suggestion quality.

Reggie Renner and Mike Langin started ZergNet in Indianapolis in 2012. Mark Cuban, one of the company’s early investors, is still on the board of directors.

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  • Even for the most sophisticated partner preferences, maximum relevance.
  • There are no ads.txt files or third-party marketers.
  • ZergNet is a premium network that only accepts 5% of all applications.
  • Identifying & communicating important internal and external trends.
  • Continuous feedback loop that is always improving.
  • Only the best quality, most relevant partner sites are promoted with content.
  • Adding the ability to direct visitors back to key areas of your website (Videos, Sponsored Content, etc).

Development of the target audience

zergnet traffic network

Monetization of Indigenous Peoples

Monetization of Indigenous Peoples



ZergNet is a one-of-a-kind technology that allows publishers to attract high-quality visitors to their websites for free. The reader will be highly interested in the outcomes, and the publisher will benefit greatly from the increased traffic.

The firm is a pioneer in the field of content suggestion, and the product’s integrity has endured the test of time.


Adam has a long history of playing video games on computers and consoles, dating back to the first NES, which is proudly displayed with the Zapper on top. He now spends his time playing local co-op and VR games, as well as making 3D assets and jogging with his little dog.

ZergNet is a fictional website that publishes rumors, gossip and news about Hollywood celebrities. “zergnet and hollywood gossip” is an article about the ZergNet website.

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