It’s come to our attention that there are a few differences between the Red Door Room Locations in Warzone and the standard Blue Door Room Locations.  So, we’ve decided to post a handy guide explaining what each door does, and where you can find it.  We’ll be updating this list as new doors are released, so keep an eye out!

The “Red Door” in this instance refers to the Red Door Room, which is a part of the “Stairway” (the main area of the game) and it’s a place where the characters can trade items, be healed or be put in jail. The Red Door Room is also where various raids take place, where players can fight against the AIs who will try to destroy the “Red Door”.

Home Guides Call of Duty : Guide to the location of the room with the red door in Warzone Season 4 word-image-11177 Welcome to Call of Duty : Warzone Season 4 Red Door Room Locations Guide , which helps you find a total of 13+ red door room locations in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC free-to-play FPS Battle Royale. The timeline of all these locations with red doors in the game is shown below. Call of Duty Index: Warzone Season 4 Manual:

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 The Room with the Red Door

board: You can use the Red Door to move quickly in Warzone Season 4. The red doors lead to random rooms with red doors where you can open chests with their contents: Advanced drones, a bonus for specialists, heavy-duty gas masks (which last three times longer than normal), and high-level loot like lots of cash and handguns. Note: Red doors are also a good way to move around the map to change locations or avoid bounty hunts. Where to find all the rooms with red doors in Call of Duty : Warzone Season 4? The locations of the doors and red rooms in the game are described in this detailed video tutorial. The room with the red door is listed in the step-by-step video in the order it appears in each area of the map.

. Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 – 10 locations with red doors where you can easily find high-level loot. Time in minutes for helping to make a room divider with a red door

  • Red Door Location 1: On the right side of Mount Summit in the cabin.
  • Location of red door #2: Bottom left on Mount Summit, in the L-shaped building.
  • 3:02] – Location of red door #3: The main building of Mount Summit.
  • Location of red door 4: The old Summit Mountain mine.
  • 3:38] – Location of red door #5: Across the street from the Old Summit Mountain mine is another mine.
  • The red door of location #6-7: The aircraft factory on the ground floor, where there are actually two.
  • Location of red door #8: 2. Plaza floor in downtown Tavor, looks like an elevator door.
  • Location of red door 9: Top floor of Tavorsk Square, go down the elevator shaft.
  • Location of the red door #10: Go down the stairs to the bottom of the karst salt mine, into the factory.
  • Location of the red door #11-13: At Verdanska Stadium it can appear on the stadium sign itself, on the main field or in front of the stadium.

That’s it! All red doors in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 is what you need! I hope these tips have helped you find all the rooms with red doors hidden in the game. See our other guides at the top of this page for Call of Duty:enjoy. Warzone season 4 plus! Many thanks to Mr. Middy for the video and advice. Please comment if you have other Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Red Door Room location tips for your own locations, we give you credit. – Thank you for your visit!

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