Warhammer, the world’s largest miniatures game, is shutting down. The popular online multiplayer game will be down for good on September 10th. If you’ve been a fan of Warhammer for a while, you’ll notice that the game is a little different than the original game. Warhammer is a turn based strategy game that’s been around since 2000. It’s not really a battle game.

This week, we have some sad news for Warhammer fans. It’s been a long journey, but we are finally closing our servers on September 10. We’d like to thank you all for your support. If you’re a new player, you will be transferred to the game’s new platform, GWENT, where you can continue playing the game.

From today, September 10th, players will no longer be able to log into the Warhammer Eternal Crusade’s official website, or play the game on the game’s login page. The game is shutting down, and the team will be moving on to other projects.

word-image-6482 So, who remembers Warhammer Eternal Crusade? I completely forgot. The last time we looked, it was 2018, and he was already the subject of a What Happened article, which is never a good sign. Readers will recall that it launched in 2016, but didn’t do well; Matt from MOP wrote at the time: Of course, there were times during my playing time when the stars aligned and I found myself strangely enjoying it. But even these fleeting moments were only mildly amusing, and they weren’t enough to compensate for the monotonous tedium of the intermittent pauses. Since then, it hasn’t gotten much better, losing key developers and moving to free-to-play; the game hasn’t hit the 500-player mark on Steam in three years. So it will not surprise you that the Eternal Crusade version is no longer available. As noted by MMO Fallout, Behavior Interactive released the announcement for Sunset on Steam last night. Today we announce the end of the game. The servers will be operational on the 10th. Closed in September 2021. Warhammer 40,000 : Eternal Crusade will not be playable at this time. We’re proud of all the work that’s been done on Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade, and for the incredible community that has rallied around the game. Thanks for everything, we appreciate all your support over the years. We sympathize with the players and the developers, even though it seems that the developers have long since moved on to other projects. ViewWhen Games Workshop announced that Warhammer: Eternal Crusade was going to sunset on September 10, 2017, the results were as chaotic as people expected. While the majority of players were resigned to the fact that their large-scale multiplayer title would not be around for the long term, there were many who weren’t prepared to accept it.. Read more about is eternal crusade dead 2021 and let us know what you think.

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