Victoria 3 has moved past the playable prototype stage and has entered full development. This means that we have a much more complete version of the game with many new features including more buildings, more income, and more characters. This will allow us to start planning the release and any future expansions of the game.

Since the release of the first Victoria, the game has seen a fair bit of success thanks to its depth and complexity. The game has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times on iOS and Android, and while the game is available in many different countries, it has not yet made it into the US. This was the main focus for the dev team at KS in this week’s diary: bringing the game to the US, making it more accessible to new players, and ensuring that the game can be enjoyed by the widest possible audience.

In the previous installment of the Victoria 3 series, we introduced the new province of Brabant, and the new units and buildings that will move there. Today, we’re going to spend some time exploring the new national market system that we’ve been working on.

Victoria 3's Dev Diary 9 Tackles National Markets and Its Open Economic Model

On top of its social management-heavy approach to grand strategy, Victoria 3 focuses on your nation’s economics. Making the most of your products and ensuring that your national marketplaces function smoothly are important elements of the more open economic model it offers, which Paradox discussed in today’s developer diary 9.

National Markets were one of the first things to be discussed when Victoria 3 was announced, and they “are what powers the game’s dynamic economy by establishing a reasonable pricing based on supply and demand for all trade items in every state across the globe,” as you would imagine.

Victoria 3's Dev Diary 9 Tackles National Markets and Its Open Economic Model

Victoria 3's Dev Diary 9 Tackles National Markets and Its Open Economic Model

The more area your National Markets cover, the more raw materials and consumers you’ll be able to reach. Each nation has its own market, which is typically centered on its capital. Other countries linked to the market capital, whether by land or water, are members of the Market, but their degree of access is determined by their infrastructure.

“The Buy and Sell Orders in the market are influenced by all local consumption and output in each state. Consider them as commodities market orders: more grain consumption will result in more grain Buy Orders, while increased silk output will result in more silk Sell Orders “The programmer says.

Every item in Victoria 3 has a base price that represents its worth under ideal market circumstances. Produce more than is required in your facilities, and it will sell for less. If demand exceeds supply, “the economy of buildings manufacturing such products will be flourishing,” at the expense of Pops and other structures that need on those items to function.

“We start by establishing a market price when evaluating pricing for products throughout a market’s numerous states. This is based on the balance of Buy and Sell Orders in a market, using the base price as a reference point. The price will be greater if there are more Buy Orders than Sell Orders, and vice versa “9 reads the development diary

“The quantity of Market Access the state possesses determines the size of Buy and Sell Orders submitted to the market. This implies that a country with poor infrastructure would trade less with the rest of the world and will depend more on locally accessible products.” In essence, a state with full Market Access may utilize the market price for all of its products, while those with less Market Access can only use a portion of it.

“In Victoria 3, a single unit of products is created and instantly sold at a price decided by how many customers are prepared to purchase it at the time of production,” as compared to its predecessors.

This allows prices to fluctuate in response to supply and demand, resulting in a more open economic model that “is both more sensitive to abrupt economic changes and less prone to unexplained systemic breakdowns where all the world’s cement could find up trapped within a Missouri warehouse.”

In the entire developer diary mentioned above, you can learn more about the complexities of Victoria’s three national markets. There’s no indication on when the game will be released, but now that Paradox has returned from its summer hiatus, we can anticipate weekly development blogs with additional information on how the game’s mechanics operate.

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First we talked about the stock market and how we would be looking at it during the time of our release. Now I wanted to expand on the idea and discuss where we could see Victoria 3 being used in the future. Since the game is a RTS game we can see its use in the military, especially for foreign militaries. In the movie “Top Gun” the main character was used to train the US pilots and the US Navy (F-14s and other jets) had the capability to use the game for training. But this is just the start of it. I think Victoria 3 would be a great tool for both the military and any other organization that needs to train large groups.. Read more about victoria 3 – dev diary wiki and let us know what you think.

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