Ubisoft’s Singapore studio has been cleared of wrongdoing after a report on the company’s use of in-game cryptocurrency Quartz NFTs. Ubisoft executive Christine Burgess says players don’t understand that these digital collectibles can be exchanged for real fiat currency and are not “real money.

The “Ubisoft controversy 2021” is a scandal that was caused by Ubisoft’s Singapore studio. The company has been cleared of wrongdoing, but the users “don’t get” its Quartz NFTs.

Ubisoft’s Singapore studio cleared of wrongdoing, Ubisoft exec claims users ‘don’t get’ its Quartz NFTs


To be sure, Ubisoft has its own issues, including a sexual harassment scandal in 2020 that resulted in the firing of executives and upper management, a drop in employee retention, a lawsuit from a French game workers union, and reportedly continued mismanagement according to devs and their proto-union while the company offered pay raises to stanch its talent bleed.

The company’s many scandals extended as far as Ubisoft Singapore, which, as readers will remember, was apparently a hotbed of harassment that forced its associate director to resign. This prompted an investigation by Singapore’s Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) last summer, which recently concluded and found that the studio has systems in place to handle misconduct, that previous reports were handled “appropriately,” and that all salaries are based on experience and seniority, not race, according to justifications from the studio.

Meanwhile, Nicolas Pouard, the VP of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovations Lab, was interviewed by Australian website Finder about the company’s failed NFT scheme in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, in which Pouard stated that the studio would continue “experimenting” and “releasing features and services around this first initiative” despite fan backlash because players “just don’t get it, man.”

“I believe many gamers are unaware of the benefits that a digital secondary market might provide. For the time being, gamers think NFTs are first ruining the earth, and second, only a tool for conjecture, according to the present circumstances and context. But the final game is what we [at Ubisoft] are seeing initially. The end game is about allowing players to resell their stuff after they’ve done using them or playing the game.

“As a result, it’s truly for them.” It’s quite advantageous. But for the time being, they don’t comprehend it.”

Ubisoft Montreal, as a last cherry on top of this Ubisoft dessert, stated that their battle royale game Hyper Scape would be going down in April; for perspective, the shooter launched in July 2020.


Ubisoft’s Singapore studio has been cleared of wrongdoing, Ubisoft exec claims users ‘don’t get’ its Quartz NFTs. Reference: games that copied among us.

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