Tower of Fantasy is a mobile game from Korea’s NHN Entertainment with blockchain technology. The closed beta test for the MMO began on June 26, 2018 and will end on July 23, 2018.

The “tower of fantasy release date” is the date that the game will be released to the public. The “tower of fantasy closed beta test start and end dates” are the dates when the closed beta test starts and ends.

Tower of Fantasy Closed Beta Test Start and End Dates -

Tower of Fantasy Closed Beta Test Start and End Dates - Here's When It Begins and Ends

Level Infinite and Hotta Studio today announced that the shared open-world RPG Tower of Fantasy will undergo a restricted beta test, allowing players outside of China to experience the game for the first time. The statement was followed by information on the sign-up period’s start and finish dates, as well as a large release window for the CBT itself.

Only players from the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Canada, and Japan will be eligible to participate in the next closed beta test for Tower of Fantasy.

CBT Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Closed Beta Test Start and End Dates - Here's When It Begins and Ends

Tower of Fantasy Closed Beta Test Start and End Dates - Here's When It Begins and Ends

Those interested in playing the game before it is released may join up on the game’s website or enter a lucky draw contest on the game’s official Facebook and Twitter sites.

The sign-up deadline for Tower of Fantasy’s closed beta test has been set for March 15. Players will have two weeks to show their interest in exploring what the game has to offer before it is released on March 29.

  • Sign-ups for the Tower of Fantasy closed beta test will begin on March 15th.
  • Sign-ups for the Tower of Fantasy private beta test will close on March 29.
  • CBT Tower of Fantasy start date: April 2022

After the sign-up period ends in April, the actual exam will begin. In any case, there isn’t much time left, and excitement for the game has been growing for quite some time.

Tower of Fantasy will be available for PC and mobile devices in 2022. On YouTube, you can see the most recent trailer for the film.

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The “tower of fantasy pre register” is a game that has been in closed beta since February. The start and end dates of the test will be announced soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in the Tower of fantasy beta?

To participate in the beta, you will need to create an account on or download and install the app from your PS4s store .

How do you access the Tower of fantasy?

A: You can access the Tower of Fantasy through a quest in-game.

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