We are going to explore the best build order, best hero, best runes, and best items for each and every game with a specific hero.  We will also give you the other best odd heroes and the best items for them as well.  We promise that we will make sure that you will be able to play each game with a specific hero, and not just good enough, but the best build order, best items, and the best runes.  Of course, if you want to combine two or more items we will give you a combo item list!

The first game in the Dota 2 series, it was released in 2013. It is a multiplayer online battle arena, a game between two teams of five players each. It is played with two teams of heroes with unique abilities, each one with a unique role.

As a DotA player, you’ll want to know the best builds to use in any given situation. Some of those builds might change over time, or get nerfed, but you’ll want to know the best ones at any given time. Today, we will be looking at the best DotA builds under the Standard DotA game mode.

DotA Underlords

The top 5 greatest DotA Underlords builds for 2021 will be taught in this DotA Underlords build guide.

You’ll want to know what the greatest DotA Underlords builds are if you’re playing DotA Underlords. That’s precisely what our Top5 DotA Underlords Builds Guide will tell you. These DotA Underlords builds are excellent choices for both newcomers and seasoned veterans.

Since the game’s debut, I’ve put in over 500 hours into DotA Underlords. It’s usually my go-to game in between big game releases, and I’ll play a game or two while I’m watching YouTube videos or otherwise messing about on the internet. I’ve previously published DotA Underlords tutorials for this site, but they quickly became obsolete as the game evolved. Now that DotA Underlords updates seem to have ceased, I believe it is time to provide some more instructions on how to play the game.

best dota underlords builds 2021

When playing DotA Underlords, you’re at the mercy of RNG, and you’ll have to develop in whichever direction RNG provides you with chances, so you’ll need to be adaptable. Regardless of whatever troops emerge in your initial roll, these top 5 DotA Underlords builds should offer you something to aim for.

Here are the Top 5 BEST DotA Underlords Builds in 2021, without further ado. Keep in mind that these are just for regular matches.

5. Best DotA Underlords Builds for Knights, Trolls, and Healers

You may do Knights / Trolls or Knights / Healers for this entry in the greatest DotA Underlords builds. It’s essentially the same units in any case, and they function similarly. Knights vs. Trolls is a bit more offensive, whereas Knights vs. Healers is clearly more defensive. The difference is if Trolls are maxed out and Healers are left at level 1 or vice versa.

If you’re new to DotA Underlords, I’d suggest Knights / Trolls as one of the first strats to learn since it performs well and is easy to obtain troops for. Your core group will be the same whether you choose Trolls or Healers.

Chaos Knight, Batrider, Luna, Omniknight, and Dazzle are all good early game picks. Level 2 knights, level 1 trolls, and level 1 healers are all part of the core group. You may then decide whether to improve those troops to two or three stars, or upgrade your level so you can put more units on the battlefield, depending on the units you’re receiving.

best dota underlords builds 2021 knights 1

You should bear in mind that Abaddon is the tankiest of the Knights after you’ve chosen him. Many players like to place him in a point position, where he is more likely to be targeted. You may accomplish this by moving your characters towards the corner in the following way:

best dota underlords builds 2021 knights 2

After you’ve approximately assembled that squad, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll finish off the Healers or the Trolls. In my view, the best approach to make that choice is to: Healers are superior in the middle and early stages of the game. Trolls are better in the latter stages of the game. So, if I believe the game will continue on for a while, I’ll go with Trolls. I prefer Healers if I believe the game will be shorter or if I am losing in the middle of the game.

If you’re going Trolls, Shadow Shaman, Sven, and Troll Warlord will be your next purchases.

If you’re going with the Healers, your next picks will be Enchantress, Treant Protector, and Sven.

There’s no need to get to level 10 with any of these setups since they both finish at level 9. In reality, there are few advantages to doing so. It’s much better to obtain 3 star units than to throw in an additional unit that doesn’t belong. The 3 star Omniknight and 3 star Luna are particularly useful because to their amazing 3 star benefits.

If you choose to play Trolls, your final build for one of the finest DotA Underlords builds should look like this:

best dota underlords builds knights 3

Your primary damage dealers, Luna, Troll Warlord, and Sven, should be positioned in such a manner that they don’t be focus fired. I prefer to put Abaddon and Chaos Knight in front of the crowd. However, you should experiment with your posture on your own.

If you want to play as a healer, your final build for one of the finest DotA Underlords builds should look like this:

best dota underlords builds 2021 knights 4

Enchantress and Treant Protector are ideally positioned on the perimeter since they don’t benefit from the Knights alliance and you want them to suffer some damage so they can build enough mana to perform their spells sooner. Again, experiment with placement, particularly if you end up with a 3 star Chaos Knight, which grants the Knight alliance benefit regardless of whether or not they’re near to allied Knights.

You have a lot of leeway with your Underlord here. Any Underlord will suffice, so pay heed to the Underlords’ RNG abilities. You may want to go for Hobgen’s big nuke talent if he obtains it. Jull is often the finest and most dependable option. However, this construct may be used with nearly any Underlord, but I would steer clear of Enno.

There aren’t many obvious best-in-slot items for Knights (with the exception of Necronomicon on Batrider, which is incredibly amazing, particularly if you have the Summoners alliance boost from Shadow Shaman), but here are a few to keep an eye out for: Satanic, which is arguably the best-in-slot item for Sven and Chaos Knight, Necronomicon, which is the best-in-slot item for Batrider, and either Moonglaive or Butterfly, which are excellent things for Luna.

This isn’t the greatest build in the game, but it’s 1) very dependable, 2) a high B-tier, low A-tier construct, and 3) simple for novice players to remember. However, since RNG is so crucial in DotA Underlords, it isn’t necessarily about the greatest build. If you have a good roll with Chaos Knight, Luna, and Dazzle in the first round or two, you may go so far ahead and make this build so powerful that by the time anybody performs a “better” build, you’ve already won the game.

Knights / Trolls is unquestionably one of the greatest DotA Underlords builds, and you should know how to play it if you want to play the game.

4. Brawny – Underlords DotA Builds

When it comes to the greatest DotA Underlords builds, Brawny may be unstoppable if played correctly. It is, however, a far higher-risk, high-reward proposition than any other top DotA Underlords construct. Essentially, if you acquire Brawny troops early on, you may start collecting health to the point where your party has tens of thousands of HP by the conclusion of the game, making any construct difficult to defeat. You’ll most certainly lose in the early and mid-games, but if you can make it to the finish, you’ll steamroll and go undefeated.

The issue is that if you lose too many units too early or too late in the game, you may be knocked out, or, even worse, your team may be too weak to defeat enough units to collect any significant amount of HP.

You don’t desire a secondary alliance for the Brawny build. You should concentrate only on Brawny units. Later on, you’ll add a few troops from other alliances, but you want them to arrive at the proper moment and be positioned so that they get as few fatal blows as possible.

Snapfire, Juggernaut, Beastmaster, and Bristleback are the main Brawny troops to look for, and you can acquire all of them early on.

best dota underlords builds 2021 brawny

Once you have those four core troops, you should attempt to level them up to three stars. That is your primary objective. You’ll want to discharge duplicates into the field when your unit pool fills up or new levels become accessible.

For example, if you have duplicates on your Bristleback and Snapfire, you’ll see something like this in the mid-game for one of the top DotA Underlords builds:

best dota underlords builds 2021 brawny 2

While you’re doing this, you’ll want to add some more troops to your bench, but you won’t be able to use them until your core units have reached 3 stars, which will free up more space on the field. Magnus and Puck are the important troops to keep an eye on here. Both the level 1 Savage and the level 1 Shaman alliances will be completed by Magnus. Puck will seal the Dragon alliance by bestowing a wonderful spell onto Snapfire.

Your squad for this entry of the greatest DotA Underlords builds should look like this by late mid-game:

best dota underlords builds 2021 brawny 3

Now you’ll want to level up your squad to level 8 so you can start rolling for Axe, and then simply keep throwing out any duplicates you have to fill in the gaps. The only other unit worth taking is a Brute unit of your pick, either Spiritbreaker, Lifestealer, or Doom, if you get incredibly fortunate and 3-star every unit before you locate an Axe. Spiritbreaker is usually the case. However, I’d point out that having duplicate 2 stars of any of the Brawny troops is preferable to throwing in an additional unit, so only use a Spiritbreaker if your Brawny units are already 3 stars and you need an extra unit.

For one of the greatest DotA Underlords builds, your team should look like this in the endgame, but most games will finish before or soon after you get an Axe.

best dota underlords builds 2021 brawny 4

You’re going to want Jull as your Underlord. Jull doesn’t killsteal, is the greatest overall Underlord for any of the top DotA Underlords setups, and doubles down on this team’s overall beefiness.

There are a number of best-in-slot things to watch out for when it comes to equipment. The first item you’ll need is a Stonehall Cloak, which you’ll need for Bristleback. In this build, a Stonehall Cloak on Bristleback may result in him having 20,000+ HP at the conclusion of the game, since unlike the Stonehall Pike, the Cloak has no upper limit on how much extra health it can provide, and Bristleback takes the majority of the last blows. Octarine Essence, Vanguard/Blade Mail/Heart of Tarrasque/Radiance, and Vanguard/Blade Mail/Heart of Tarrasque/Radiance are all excellent on Bristleback if you don’t roll a Stonehall Cloak.

Snapfire’s ability increases with attack speed, so keep a look out for a Moonshard to gift her. Puck performs well with Octarine Essence. DPS or support items are usually held by Juggernaut and Beastmaster. Axe will be searching for things that are comparable to those found by Bristleback.

When it comes to the greatest Dota Underlords builds, Brawny is a lot of fun to play since it feels great when you pull it off. You’re effectively a boss encounter after you’ve accumulated enough HP. There is virtually nothing that any construct can do to prevent you from progressing.

During the mid-game, just make sure you don’t get knocked out, lose too much player health, or be shut off from collecting HP. With one of the finest DotA Underlords setups, you really need to snowball. You will lose, and you will lose big, if you never start the snowball rolling.

3. Best DotA Underlords Builds for Assassins and Rogues

Assassins / Rogues is a fantastic and dependable build that is unquestionably one of the finest DotA Underlords builds. The only major issue is that there are a few builds that defeat it in a rock-paper-scissors type of manner, and if you’re not over-leveled, you’ll lose against them. It doesn’t do well against Knights or other tanky builds, for example. Even yet, if you get started early enough, you may easily run away with the game. I’ve had a lot of success with Assassins / Rogues, and it’s a great game to play.

Phantom Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Queen of Pain, Meepo, and Venomancer are all characters to watch out for in the early game. Venomancer may be put on the bench until you have room for him; he’s mostly there for the Poison, Summoners, and Scaled alliance benefits.

For this entry of the greatest DotA Underlords setups, your early game setup should look like this:

best dota underlords builds 2021 assassins 1

If you can’t locate a Meepo, you may use Antimage as a tank position character to obtain the level 1 Rogues alliance benefit, but don’t get too attached since Antimage isn’t in the final construct.

You’ll want to add Alchemist and Slark for the midgame after you’ve done that, which gives you level 1 Assassins and level 1 Rogues. This is your core group, and you’ll want them to be as powerful as possible. It’s up to you to decide whether to upgrade these troops or extend your roster to include your next Assassin, which should be Ember Spirit, based on RNG.

Your lineup for this one of the finest DotA Underlords builds should look like this towards the conclusion of midgame or the beginning of late game:

best dota underlords builds 2021 assassins 2

As the late game progresses, you’ll have to choose between upgrading your existing troops or upgrading it to level 10 so you may add your last Assassin and Sven to complete the level 2 Assassin, level 2 Rogue, and level 1 Swordsman bonuses.

This is the problem. The majority of these units come with excellent three-star bonuses. A 3 star Slark with a Mask of Madness essentially wins the game for you, thus if you have an additional 2 star Slark on your bench at this time, you should go for a 3 star Slark. 3 star Bounty Hunter and 3 star Phantom Assassin are also fantastic. Meepo, a three-star character, may also be outrageously broken. So, if the RNG brings you near to any of those 3 star benefits, you should stop leveling and go grab those 3 star bonuses as soon as possible.

Otherwise, continuing leveling up and attempting to reach the ultimate build for this entry in the greatest DotA Underlords builds, which will resemble the following:

best dota underlords builds 2021 assassins 3

In terms of your Underlord, you have two options. Jull, or Enno with All Out Attack if you roll an Enno. Personally, I make my decisions solely on the basis of All Out Attack. If Enno instead of Yoink receives All Out Attack, I’ll take Enno. Jull, on the other hand.

There are a number of best-in-slot goods here that you should keep an eye out for. First, there’s the Mask of Madness. If you can, get two of them, one for Slark and one for Phantom Assassin. If you get Meepo to three stars, give him either a Heart of Tarrasque or a Horn of the Alpha, both of which are incredibly broken. Each time Meepo divides, Horn of the Alpha summons a new Thunderhide partner, which is crazy. If it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to bring Meepo to 3 stars, simply throw a Vanguard on him and call it a day.

You should pick up a Vladimir’s Offering if you have the opportunity, which you may throw on Bounty Hunter, since Venomancer performs well with a Necronomicon. Butterfly, Bloodthorn, and Monkey King Bar are all excellent DPS items. Moonshard is a fantastic game. If you don’t roll a Mask of Madness, Skullbasher is a solid choice for Slark. Ember Spirit responds well to Maelstrom.

When it comes to the finest DotA Underlords Builds, this is a fun and dependable option. This construct, in my experience, outperforms the Knights / Trolls combination while being just as dependable. It loses against the Knights / Trolls build, although it beats more builds overall, which is rather hilarious.

2. Best DotA Underlords Mages/Spirits Builds

Mages suffer early on when it comes to the finest DotA Underlords strategies, but they become extremely strong in the late game and may even dominate in the mid-game with a little luck. Mages / Spirits have few countermeasures, thus if you can stay in there without losing too much early on, you’ll almost always win in the end.

For this one of the finest DotA Underlords builds, you’ll want to get Earth Spirit, Crystal Maiden, Storm Spirit, and Lich early on. This is what it should look like:

best dota underlords builds 2021

This isn’t going to be a good day for you. Unless you are fortunate and acquire a 2 star Storm Spirit, Earth Spirit, or Crystal Maiden early, you’ll generally lose most matches. Just hope you’re losing your bouts by a little margin and losing 1-2 HP each time, rather than losing large amounts of HP. You mostly want to make it through this phase until you have 30 gold and can begin receiving larger rewards at the conclusion of each round.

You can start turning things around in the early stages of the game. Ember Spirit and Puck are two items you’ll want to include. As soon as you locate Puck, replace Lich with him. If you have space, keep your Lich, but he’ll most likely be sitting on your bench for a long time after this.

You should be able to start winning matches after you have both the level 1 Mage bonus and the level 1 Spirit bonus. As you acquire levels, bring in as many duplicate Spirit troops as you can to increase the frequency of the Delta Attack. Storm Spirit should take precedence.

This is how your squad should look at level 6 for one of the finest DotA Underlords builds:

best dota underlords builds 2021

Upgrades to your core troops should be your primary emphasis. When your roster is complete and there’s nothing left to throw away, turn your attention to leveling. You should gather additional troops, but bear in mind that you won’t be putting them on the field until you reach a new level or complete the three-star version of one of your Spirits, which frees up space.

The Mage troops, particularly Lina, are the other units to keep an eye out for. You want to complete the Mage alliance bonus, but you should also pick up Void Spirit if he appears.

For one of the finest DotA Underlords builds, your loadout will most likely look like this by level 8:

best dota underlords builds 2021 mages 3

Once you get to that point, presuming you have a couple 3 star Spirit troops and four total Spirit units on the field, you should be able to easily win most matches. Once you’ve reached this point, you should complete the Mage alliance and add Void Spirit to the mix as you go towards the late game. If you reach to level 10, add another Human to form a level 2 Human alliance, ideally a Dragon Knight for Puck’s Dragon alliance benefit.

You’ll probably want to shift your location to the corner at some point to help defend your more vulnerable troops.

At the end of the day, your final build for one of the finest DotA Underlords builds should resemble this.

best dota underlords builds mages 4

Jull is unquestionably the best choice for your Underlord. Your Earth Spirit will frequently perish before he can engage in the Delta Attack if he doesn’t have Jull. So, go with Jull. Don’t even consider anybody else. For one of the finest DotA Underlords builds, you’ll need a tank.

Fortunately, the game makes things simple for you in terms of items. For the most part, pick up anything that is blue in hue. Arcane Boots, Void Stone, and so forth. Some of the best-in-slot goods are as follows: Puck will benefit from Octarine Essence; Storm Spirit will benefit from either Octarine Essence or Kaya; Earth Spirit will benefit from Vanguard or any other good survivability item; Ember Spirit will benefit from a mana regen item early on because his mana pool is the bottleneck for Delta Attacks; later on, you can give him a DPS item if you want.

Scythe of Vyse and Eul’s Scepter are the huge mana regen items you want for all your backline troops, so grab them if they come up. Keeper of the Light will benefit from Refresher Orb.

Our build, like the majority of the greatest DotA Underlords builds on this list, is a lot of fun to play. It’s pretty consistent, albeit not as consistent as Knights / Trolls or Assassins / Rogues, and once you have it rolling, it’s really gratifying. The primary response to this build is placing characters in a certain manner to prevent Delta Attacks, which most opponents would ignore until you get into a back-and-forth battle with one opponent late in the game.

1. DotA Underlords Shamans / Healers Builds

Shamans / Healers is the clear winner when it comes to the greatest DotA Underlords builds. It still performs well in the late game, despite a little drop-off. However, since it completely dominates early and mid-game, the goal is to be so far ahead by late game that you’re invincible even as the build’s efficiency declines.

If you’re attempting to get the Untouchable accomplishment, this is the construct you use.

When it comes to this one of the finest DotA Underlords builds, you’re searching for Enchantress, Magnus, and Nature’s Prophet in the early game. You’ve essentially won the first 3-5 rounds if you get two of them on the first round, since the Shaman alliance monster dominates those early rounds and you’ll overwhelm your opponents.

best dota underlords builds 2021 shamans 1

It’s generally preferable to place Enchantress in front in these early rounds so her wisps can start healing your team right away. Otherwise, Enchantress would most likely be the last to die, pelting opponents with her low-damage spear and taking an eternity to die.

After that, you’ll want to complete up the Healers alliance. Shamans and Savages are popular choices. It was a rookie error. It’s all about shamans and healers these days. Don’t worry, you’ll still receive some Savage benefits, but Shamans / Savages needs you to reach level 10, which most games won’t let you accomplish, and it has a significant power drop between levels 8 and 10. Healers, in my view, are more consistent and are a superior choice for the finest DotA Underlords setups.

In any case, when you approach the midgame, your lineup for this one of the finest DotA Underlords builds should look like this:

best dota underlords builds 2021 shamans 2

You’ll want to search for the remainder of the Shamans, Beastmaster, and Lone Druid after that’s done. For this entry of the greatest DotA Underlords builds, your build will look like this when you reach late game:

best dota underlords builds 2021 shamans 3

This is the foundation of your construction. You’ll be a level 8 player. It’s up to you at this point whether you want to add additional characters or concentrate on getting your existing characters to 3 stars, since you’ll likely only be able to accomplish one or the other by the conclusion of the game, unless it continues on for an extremely long period.

If you do decide to add additional characters, you’ll have to pick between the level 2 Savages bonus, which boosts summon damage every time a summoned unit attacks, and the level 2 Summoners bonus, which is a flat summon damage increase. In any case, Lycan is the next character to be recruited. Then, if you’re going Savages (which, in my view, is the worst), Pangolier is the way to go. You’ll want Shadow Shaman if you’re going Summoners (the best choice).

This is your ultimate level 10 build for this one of the finest DotA Underlords builds, but you’ll most likely finish the game at level 9:

shamans4 Top 5 BEST DotA Underlords Builds 2021

You’ll see that I jumbled up the placement a bit. I prefer to position Lycan slightly behind the frontline so that he needs to take a second to catch up. It allows Magnus to throw an Empower on him while preventing him from being focus fired.

This is one of the most popular DotA Underlords builds, so keep that in mind. The way DotA Underlords RNG works is that you share a unit pool with the other players in the game, so if one or more people are going with this build, you’ll have a hard time getting the units you need. Keep that in mind throughout all of these constructions.

Keep in mind that this build falls off late in the game, when other builds can swiftly dispose summoned troops and won’t be overwhelmed by them. So frequently with this build, you’ll put together a few of winning streaks in the outset before getting totally crushed in the endgame. It’s the polar opposite of the Mages or Brawny builds. Such you have to dominate early on and build up enough gold to reach level 10 while the other players are only at level 8 or so.

You have considerable choice with whatever Underlord you select for this specific build among the finest DotA Underlords builds. Annesix is an excellent option since you already have tanking covered and she gets the Summoners perks. Hobgen’s bomb has the potential to be useful. And it’s impossible to go wrong with Jull.

There are a few best-in-slot goods to keep an eye out for. On Nature’s Prophet, Necronomicon is amazing. If you have the chance, take advantage of it. The Paladin’s Sword is ideal for any build that includes Healers. If a Refresher Orb emerges, take it and toss it towards Lone Druid, since it enables him to summon two bears. Due to his insane attack speed, Kaiden’s Blade is almost broken on Shadow Shaman. For the front lines, tanking and support equipment are beneficial. Most DPS items, as well as a Satanic, work well with Lycan.

When it comes to the finest DotA Underlords builds for 2021, that pretty much sums it up. Because the game no longer seems to be updated, this guide will most likely remain relevant until the game is taken down. If you’re looking for additional RPG game instructions, go to the main page.

The DotA 2 metagame is constantly changing, with new heroes or new items popping up to the scene every few weeks. Of course, you can find guides online to help you decide which hero build or item build is best for your gaming style and level. But sometimes, it’s just nice to rely on your own experience and learn what items you need to make the hero you enjoy playing the best.. Read more about dota underlords alliance tier list 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best build in Dota Underlords?

The best build in Dota Underlords is a fast-paced, aggressive one. This will allow you to quickly take out enemy towers and gain an advantage early on.

How do I get better at Underlords DOTA?

The best way to improve at Underlords DOTA is by playing it. The more you play, the better youll get.

Is Dota Underlords good?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

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