For those who have been feeling a little underwhelmed by the latest Marvel film, Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder has released their first teaser trailer to whet our appetites. The vibe is new, fresh and exciting for moviegoers looking for something different than what we’ve gotten used to lately.

The “thor: love and thunder trailer” is a Dazzling Teaser trailer for the upcoming Marvel movie. The film will be released in November.

Thor: Love and Thunder gets a Dazzling Teaser trailer


The teaser trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder has finally been published. After Thor (2011), Thor: The Dark World (2013), and Thor: Ragnarok, Thor: Love and Thunder is the fourth Thor film (2017). Marvel Studios has released a trailer for their next film, and it is incredible.

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Teaser Trialer for Thor: Love and Thunder

Taika Waititi directed the film, which stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tessa Thompson as Jane Foster, Natalie Portman as a new Thor, and Christian Bale as the villain “Gorr the God Butcher.” This is in addition to the returning cast for The Guardians of the Galaxy, which picks up where Avengers: Endgame left off.

Thor: Love and Thunder pic

Thor is seen in the trailers to be done with being a super hero or even a deity. Someone who is just passing through space. As he chitchats with his new pals, the Guardians of the Galaxy. All of this seems to be a lot of fun for someone who is done with their position and is becoming a little old.


The trailer focuses mostly on how Thor is almost totally finished. It will be fascinating to observe how he handles the situation. It skips forward in time, flashing back to his previous existence as a God. So, towards the conclusion of the film, Jane Foster is revealed to be Thor, which will be a fascinating dynamic to watch. After all, her part in the earlier films was a complete waste of time. Surprisingly, The Hammer seems to have fractures in it, implying that it is the same one that was shattered at the beginning of Thor: Ragnarok. It remains to be seen how much her beginnings for the comics are revealed, as well as the issue of her dying of cancer.

FQocp9fX0A8NL0r Jane Foster in the role of Thor

Anyway, the trailer makes the film seem to be entertaining, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it comes out. Thor: Love and Thunder will be published on July 8, 2022, as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four.

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The “thor: love and thunder trailer twitter” is a Dazzling Teaser trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder. The movie will be released on November 5, 2018.

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