We wanted to make something special for the fans with this one, and we wanted to do it in a very special way. So we registered the code name “Omega” with the Star Wars Galaxies forums, and last night we launched a small surprise for the fans.

For the past month or so, I’ve been working on a hybrid server that uses the classic Star Wars Galaxies client and the network engine from the never-released Star Wars Galaxies Restoration project. The project was officially canceled last year, but some of the original team members have been working hard to bring the project back to life.

There have been many attempts at restoring Star Wars Galaxies, and many have failed.  We are proud to announce the restoration of the Galactic Republic, and the launch of the new hybrid server today!

word-image-12828 It’s a happy day for Star Wars fans in the MMO world, because the emulator community is getting a new server in the form of Star Wars Galaxies Restoration III. As mentioned, this server is an interesting mix of old and new mechanics and content – pre-TC core, including skill-based character development, with space content from Jump to Lightspeed and the best content since NGE, plus a new Jedi unlock system. The recovery team is pleased to announce that the permanent Star Wars Galaxies live server is ready to be launched. We are proud to present new and old Star Wars fans with a unique mix of content from all eras of SWG, as well as an overhaul of key mechanics to address system issues that persisted in the live version of the game. Players will receive a special founder gift for creating a character during launch weekend: a gold R3 cybernetic plaque that will adorn your home to celebrate the server launch, and an in-game t-shirt that will give your characters a small XP bonus. Several readers have mentioned this, and I’ve wondered about it too. So I asked the team to give us some explanation: According to the FAQ, each player can only have one account (and thus two characters), with restrictions on family members having their own account on the same IP address. The team informed me this morning that these rooms are not yet ready (at the time of writing), but the staff hopes to have them ready in time for the presentation, which, by the way, starts at 7pm. EDT tonight. Registration is now open! As always, readers should be aware that SWG emulators and illegal servers are not officially endorsed by Sony, Daybreak, or Disney, but the community has been using them since before the original game went out of print in 2011 without much trouble, so it seems unlikely that they are a threat now.

. Years of effort have gone into reaching this point. Restoration 3 begins tonight at 6:00 p.m. CT. Go home and experience the greatest Star Wars saga ever told, just for you. #PlaySWGhttps://t.co/Li7EEqt6hy pic.twitter.com/E5Qi0gcVnP – Star Wars Galaxies: Restoration III (@SwgRestoration) 28 May 2021 View

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