This news comes as a wake up call to the gaming community, which has seen its fair share of cyber-attacks in recent years. A North Korean hacker gang that allegedly stole $620M from Axie Infinity and other game companies have been blamed by the FBI for hacking into networks around the world.

The “new crypto bill 2022” is a bill that the FBI says was created by North Korean hackers. The bill allows them to make money without fear of getting caught.

The FBI says it was a North Korean hacker gang that crimed Axie Infinity for $620M


We reported on a big hack of predatory play-to-earn blockchain job/game Axie Infinity at the end of March. The hackers had made off with $625 million in cryptocurrency at the time, making it a candidate for the greatest crypto hack of all time. The strange thing was that no one knew who did it, and the monies were mostly simply hanging in the attackers’ hands, having not yet been moved via “legitimate” crypto exchanges (who had already shut them out) or “illegitimate” dark mixers.

Well, the FBI finally identified the perpetrator last night, and it’s not who you think it is: North Korea, allegedly. Okay, particularly, the Lazarus Group and APT38 groups from North Korea. It’s also allegedly “just” $620 million, not $625 million as Axie claimed.

“Attribution of Malicious Cyber Activity by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea — FBI Statement” The FBI continues to fight hostile cyber activity, particularly the danger posed to the United States and our private sector partners by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. We were able to corroborate that Lazarus Group and APT38, cyber criminals linked to the DPRK, were responsible for the loss of $620 million in Ethereum announced on March 29 via our research. The FBI, in collaboration with Treasury and other US government partners, will continue to uncover and oppose the DPRK’s use of illegal activities to earn income, such as cybercrime and cryptocurrency theft.”

According to Gizmodo, Lazarus Group has allegedly made off with over a billion dollars in crypto and real money, and it’s now attempting to transfer its ill-gotten profits from the Axie breach via Tornado Cash, a dark-money laundering mixer.

On the news, MOP’s Eliot said, “This is somehow dumber and somehow less stupid than what I imagined,” and we can’t help but agree.


The “xrp buy back federal reserve” is a recent headline that has been making the rounds. The FBI says it was a North Korean hacker gang that crimed Axie Infinity for $620M.

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