Terraria is a sandbox style game that’s fun for all ages. It has been on the market since 2011 and it’s still going strong, with over 10 million players as of 2015. The game can be both incredibly addicting and relaxing, depending on your mood! There are tons of items to find in this game- so many you’ll never get bored! Here we’re going to show how to unlock some rare companion cubes which will make your life easier when exploring Terraria!.

The “terraria companion cube worth it” is a guide to help you get the Terraria Companion Cube. The guide includes information about how to craft, where to find and how much it’s worth.

Terraria Companion Cube | How to Get – Guide Fall

Terraria has established itself as one of the most popular and well-supported games in recent memory. It’s no secret that games produced by small teams, like this one, often include easter eggs from other well-known properties. The Companion Cube, which is a clear homage to the Portal series, is one of Terraria’s most uncommon goods. It’s one of the game’s most elusive objects, so we’ll show you how to get your pixelated paws on one!

In Terraria, how can you get the Companion Cube?


In Terraria, the Companion Cube has a good possibility of being accessible early. There’s a possibility the Traveling Merchant will sell it if you can persuade two NPCs to stay around after you get the Traveling Merchant to come by your region.

But be warned: his products for sale vary every day, and there’s just a tiny chance that he’ll have a Companion Cube for sale each time he turns there. It’s made much more difficult by the fact that it’s also the most costly item in the game. It will cost you five Platinum Coins, which is a kingly amount.

Getting the Companion Cube will undoubtedly require some time and effort, but what exactly does such a pricey object accomplish for you? In the end, not much. It is, in fact, potentially harmful to have around.

The item summons a companion Companion Cube to accompany you on your adventure. It doesn’t do anything other than follow you around and sometimes produce a fart noise. That is, until you and your partner find themselves in complete darkness.

The Companion Cube will randomly stab you for three damage in pitch-black conditions. It is also capable of killing you if you allow it to do enough harm. Any portable light source, such as a flashlight or a light pet, may be used to keep it in check.

Check out these Terraria tutorials for additional information:

The “life size companion cube” is a guide that will teach you how to get the Terraria Companion Cube. The Terraria Companion Cube is a small, life-sized version of the in-game item.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Companion Cube do anything?

A: The Companion Cube is an inanimate object, so it doesnt have a personality or do anything.

Is the Companion Cube the rarest item in Terraria?

A: The Companion Cube is not the rarest item in Terraria. That honor belongs to the Red Music Box found exclusively at King Slimes Throne room, or by defeating him.

Can the Companion Cube stab you Portal?

A: Yes.

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