This article is designed to show you how to get the most out of Subnautica’s console commands and cheats. We will be using the Xbox One controller with the official controller app, but this should work with other controllers as well.

Subnautica is a science fiction survival game developed by Unknown Worlds and released in 2017 for PC, Mac, and Linux. The game has only been available for purchase for a year, and is still in active development, with regular updates and improvements. There are a number of ways to help Subnautica, and I am one of them. I have been playing the game, learning its secrets, and writing guides for it and other games.

Subnautica is a very interesting game. Its story is very interesting, the graphics is great, and the gameplay is great. But the game is not without its flaws. As Subnautica is a single player game, you have no way of communicating with other players. If you are trying to get the best ending in the game, you need to know the Subnautica console commands and cheats.

Subnautica Console Commands and Cheats

Subnautica, like many survival games, is not without its difficulties. By overcoming them on your own, you’ll get access to one of the greatest games in the genre, but occasionally you’ll need a little additional assistance, which is where console commands and hacks come in.

The console commands and hacks in Subnautica offer you more control over your character and the game environment by enabling you to spawn in items and animals, travel freely across greater distances, and use invisibility. It’s completely up to you whether you utilize them to get over that one irritating stumbling block or to make your character feel like a god.

Console Commands in Subnautica

Subnautica Console Commands and Cheats

Subnautica Console Commands and Cheats

To use Subnautica’s console commands and hacks, you must first hit F3 while in the game. This brings up a menu on the screen’s top left side. To regain control of your mouse pointer, press F8, then left-click on the white circle next to Disable Console to remove it, then press F8 again.

By hitting the tilde () key, you should now be able to enter the console, which spawns in the bottom left corner of the screen. While you shouldn’t have to remove the circle every time you play, in Subnautica, you’ll need to hit F3 to access console commands and cheats.

When inputting Subnautica console commands and hacks, keep in mind that brackets are ignored. Check out the list below for some of the more helpful ones to try out.

  • nocost – Removes the cost of construction and crafting.
  • nosurvival – Removes the need for food, drink, and sustenance from things.
  • noenergy – Controls the amount of energy used by vehicles, tools, and seabases.
  • oxygen – Provides a limitless supply of oxygen
  • invisible – Makes you invisible.
  • unlockall – Enables you to access all blueprints.
  • unlock (name) – Unlocks the blueprint provided.
  • day – Changes the time to the current day.
  • Sets the time to night.
  • schedule – Displays a list of future events together with the amount of time until they occur.
  • Every Water Filtration Machine on the map creates a Large Filtered Water immediately.
  • Every Water Filtration Machine on the Map is Instantly Salted with filtersalt.
  • cure (#) – Removes the Kharaa Bacterium from the player and animals within a certain range.
  • infect (#) – Infects the Kharaa Bacterium on the player and animals within a certain range.
  • item (name) (#) – This command adds the given number or item to your inventory.
  • spawn (name) (#) – This command spawns the given number of items/creatures/objects in front of you.
  • countdownship – Starts the countdown for the Aurora’s drive core to explode.
  • explodeship – Detonates an explosion in the Aurora’s drive core.
  • restoreship – Turns on radiation while restoring the Aurora to its original state.
  • Radiation – Makes radiation ineffective.
  • Removes all lava larvae from cars using lldetach.
  • filterfast – Shortens the time it takes to filter water.
  • fastbuild – Allows the habitat builder to build modules quickly.
  • fasthatch – Shortens the time it takes for an egg to hatch.
  • fastscan – Cuts down on scanning time.
  • fastgrow – Reduces the time it takes for flora to grow.
  • All typical car modules are granted through vehicleupgrades.
  • All Seamoth modules are granted with seamothupgrades.
  • All Prawn Suit components are upgraded using exosuitupgrades.
  • All Prawn Suit arms are granted via exosuitarms.
  • teleport to biome (name) – Teleport to a specific biome.
  • goto (name) – Go to a specific place. Simply type goto for a list.
  • bobthebuilder – Adds a Habitat Builder, Scanner, Survival Knife, and Repair Tool to your inventory, as well as the effects of the nocost, unlock all, fastbuild, fastgrow, fasthatch, and radiation commands.
  • instagib – One-hit kills any monster.
  • kill – Kills you and returns you to the lifepod.

Subnautica is now available for download on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Here are several console commands and cheats for its sequel, Below Zero, if you intend on playing it.

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The Subnautica Console cheats are mostly to unlock the console commands you can use with the game, which can help you with things like joining multiplayer, getting better loot quicker and so on. There is also a few cheats which will change the game’s settings and play styles. The console commands were mostly taken from the Subnautica wiki, where a lot of the console commands are listed.. Read more about subnautica: below zero console commands and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you activate cheats in Subnautica?

You need to go into the games options menu and then look for the cheats option.

What are some console commands for Subnautica?

The console commands for Subnautica are as follows: /c help – Displays a list of all the console commands. /c tp – Teleports you to the coordinates specified by your current position. /c map – Displays a map of the current area. /c clear – Clears the console window and returns to normal gameplay.

How do I get unstuck myself in Subnautica?

You can use the grapple to get yourself unstuck.

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