In a blog post, the company’s software development lead announced that they would be decreasing their frequency of updates in favor of other projects. Starbase will continue to operate, but is doing so with fewer developers and less manpower than before.

The “starbase roadmap” is a developer’s plan for the future of the game. The developer plans on releasing a patch next week followed by fewer updates in favor of other projects.

It's not bae any more.

In the coming week or two, Starbase’s intergalactic construction sandbox will be updated. While that news is unimpressive on its own, the article announcing the impending patch also mentions that game updates will be far less frequent as developer Frozenbyte shifts its emphasis to other projects.

“The reason for this somewhat abrupt large upgrade is because Starbase’s sales performance hasn’t been great, and we’ll have to put other initiatives on hold for a while in order to ensure the game’s long-term development and future.” The server expenses of Starbase are minimal, so they aren’t in danger, but development will be halted and updates will be less frequent for a while. While this isn’t ideal, we’re excited to get back to work on Starbase as soon as possible, refreshed and ready to make it the game we all want it to be.”

Over the history of Starbase’s development, delays have been a typical occurrence. The sandbox was previously announced in 2019 with the intention of launching early access that year. However, that deadline was missed, and then again in 2020, before ultimately coming in 2021. From almost 10,000 players at launch to just over 200 currently, the game’s player count has plummeted.

Capital ships, moon mining and moon bases, an alloy furnace, a blueprint update, and some balance improvements are among the features of the next patch, which was supposed to be part of a bigger update that would introduce station sieges. Meanwhile, station siege testing will remain accessible on the game’s PTU as “a taste of things to come,” although Frozenbyte seems to be slowing things down for the time being.


Elon Musk is the founder of SpaceX, Tesla, and CEO of Neuralink. He also runs a game studio called Starbase. Now, it seems that he plans to put his focus on other projects instead of updating Starbase. Reference: starbase elon musk.

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