This week, Star Wars Galaxies has added the ability to learn and speak other languages to the game. Players will now be able to converse with Klingons, Tatooine (and Hutt) citizens, and demand justice from the Empire, all in the original Star Wars languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and Japanese). The game’s developers also announced that they have expanded the “plunder” system, by allowing players to obtain new items from different parts of the galaxy, and that the game’s smuggler system has received new functionality to better reward players who don’t spend money on the game. All of this makes the game more engaging and immersive, especially for players who are looking for immersion into the

This week is big for the Star Wars Galaxies community, as two large features were just restored in the game. First, players have had the ability to speak French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and other languages since George Lucas’ beloved space opera was released in 2003. This was one of the major complaints when the game launched, as the game came with English language options, but no way to speak languages other than English. This has been rectified with the restoration of the language system, which grants players the ability to use these languages as they wish, instead of the game’s previous system that forced players to play in English no matter what language they chose.

As of January 17th, Star Wars Galaxies is no more. The last servers for SWG are closed, and all the content within will be removed from the game and all servers worldwide. While the game is no more, the stories it told are not. Yesterday the folks behind the game launched a new service called “SWGLegends”, with the goal of “bringing back SWG for the fans”. While the service has not yet launched, a beta is now available for those who wish to utilize the new features. The beta features a new language learning system, new smuggler slicing, and a revamped character creator that includes options for human, Wookiee, or Twi’lek.


I’ve grumbled previously about going into an MMORPG and having a system completely flipped on its head, costing me days or weeks of gameplay or a ton of credits, but I’m not sad about it with the latest SWG Legends patch. That’s because it’s in service of some much anticipated games.

The Star Wars Galaxies rogue server patched in a number of repairs and changes pushed through by the player-run Senate just in time for the weekend, and one of them is a significant extension of Smuggler slicing. Slicing, along with spice making, was formerly one of the Smuggler’s main lines, but it was heavily impacted by the NGE and was eventually reduced to a mission bonus gimmick. But not any more.

“Master Smugglers may now slice weapon improvements /*augmentations (up to a maximum of +30 crit /*+250 health or action).” There are four levels of slicing; each try adds to the weapon’s personalization (up to 100%), and failures contribute toward the customization as well. The Smuggler Class’s profession wheel has been updated with new schematics for laser knives and basic slicing tools. Aurilia sells higher-tier slicing tools, which may also be acquired from different monsters across the galaxy.”

And what will all the Smugglers drink while they slice away? Of course, the new Vayerbok; the previous agility drink was modified to include a slicing benefit instead, which meant I was frantically producing more all weekend.

Current and previous players should read the remainder of the notes; there are brand-new handmade vehicle upgrade kits and created armor improvements kits, as well as changes for jetpacks, medics, and beastmasters, awaiting engineers and armorsmiths. Language learning is also returning! “You may now learn languages from other species, such as Bothese and Ryl, from members of your group who already know them.” Finally!

Napyet, a YouTuber and site buddy, has a video that summarizes the highlights:


Back in the early-to-mid 2000s, Star Wars Galaxies was a celebrated MMORPG that offered players the ability to communicate in a plethora of languages other than English. This was the first time that any Star Wars MMO had ever supported real-time language translation, and it was also the first time that language-learning was a core game feature. While the feature did get some attention, it wasn’t a big hit. In fact, most of the people who played Star Wars Galaxies didn’t even realize that the language translator was a part of the game. It was just something that they enjoyed.. Read more about swg smuggler slicing and let us know what you think.

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