Star Citizen developer David Braben has announced that a second Jumptown is on the way, which will be powered by a new version of the Star Citizen Persistent Universe Engine.

Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts has a lengthy update about the development of Jumptown 2 and Arena Commander updates that will be included in 2.3.2 Patch, which adds a new scenario, as well as new and improved flight model. He also talks about the upcoming 2.3.3 patch which will be released in October and includes a new ship, two new weapons, and a new map.

There is a lot of buzz around the game Star Citizen thanks to its popularity on Steam’s Greenlight page, and I wanted to take a moment to talk about a few things that have been going on behind the scenes. Last week, I was lucky enough to be at the first Star Citizen CitizenCon, where I was able to meet many of the community members in attendance.


PvP is probably one of the more entertaining aspects of Star Citizen (or one of the more painful aspects, depending on who you ask), and the latest episode of Inside Star Citizen is all about it, discussing how PvP is good for PvE players because it helps the developers balance things, the importance of having lawful systems like Stanton to provide players with some safety, and more.

Of course, no Star Citizen fan can discuss PvP without mentioning Jumptown, the area that was once both a profitable route to credits (and, according to the developers, “wrecking” the economy) and a significant PvP bottleneck. CIG’s developers are currently working on a “Jumptown 2,” which will transform the outpost into a one-hour mini-event. Selling becomes highly lucrative during this event, and players will be notified of the event through comms calls or a task flag. Otherwise, it will be up to the players to decide how they battle it out in this new Jumptown.

The second part of the movie includes interviews with Firesprite developers who discuss the upcoming remastering of the ship vs. ship Arena Commander mode, which promises bigger maps with three distinct regions full of new elements for players to utilize in battle situations. However, this section of the movie did not give a release date for these improvements, instead just stating that they are in the works.

Long-time MMORPG fans may recall that Star Citizen was initially Kickstarted in 2012 for almost $2 million, with a 2014 release date anticipated. It is still in an unfinished but playable alpha as of 2021, after raising approximately $350 million from players via years of ongoing crowdfunding and sales of in-game ships and other assets. It is now the most crowdfunded video game ever, and it has been met with unwavering support from fans and skepticism from detractors. Squadron 42, a co-developed single-player game, has also been frequently postponed.


After the success of the first Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games continued work on the game to come up with new things to make the game even more playable and fun, from the new and most popular game mode Arena Commander 2, to even more ships, weapons and gameplay features.. Read more about star citizen arena commander leaderboard and let us know what you think.

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