Astroneer is a highly polished and successful game that has seen 8 million players over its lifetime. It’s success, however, is not without controversy as the developer claims most of these players were bots. With such high player numbers for a new game it seems unlikely to believe this claim until we see some empirical evidence one way or another.

astroneer” is a sandbox game that has seen more than 8M players over its lifetime. It was released in Steam Early Access on September 13, 2016 and is now available for purchase.

Space sandbox Astroneer has seen more than 8M players over its lifetime


For years, Astroneer has been a fan-favorite multiplayer sandbox on MOP and in my own home — five years, to be exact, when it originally went out in early access. System Era has produced a dev blog with an infographic delving into a crapton of data with insight into the game’s popularity and growth throughout time to commemorate the occasion.

For example, the studio has over 8 million overall players — a substantial figure for a largely pay-to-play game – with a high monthly player count of just under 1 million and an average monthly playerbase of 560K. To far, the game has taken in over $75 million in gross revenue, with the majority of those purchases being on Steam, yet because to Xbox Game Pass, the Xbox population outweighs all other platforms. More than a third of players are from the United States, and because to the support of the worldwide playerbase, System Era has grown from five full-time employees to 40 over time.

So, how did Astroneer do following its Switch debut in January 2022? “We aren’t ready to speak about that yet, but we have been incredibly happy with how Astroneer has sold on Switch,” SE’s Joe Tirado adds. “Digital has been available for just under two months and physical debuted on February 18th, so we aren’t ready to talk about that yet.” “We were in the top 5 on the eshop best selling list internationally, so take it as you will. ;)”

“Three years later, Astroneer has sold approximately 4 million copies, has been played by over 8 million individuals (thanks to GamePass! ), and its growth continues to astound us: In January, Astroneer was released for Nintendo Switch, and in the same month, it sold over 220,000 copies across all platforms.”


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