Funcom, the developer of the online roleplaying game “Conan”, recently announced that the game would be delayed until 2021. The reason for the delay is because of the “huge amount of work” that is required to complete the game, but this is not the first time that the game has been delayed. Funcom has been continually delaying the release of “Conan” since the game was originally announced in 2016.

Back in late December 2018, Funcom’s Conan Chop Chop was announced as the first title in a new Conan franchise. This was an exciting announcement, but less than a year later, we’re hearing nothing new about it, and no one seems to know if the game is still in active development or not.

Funcom has been very quiet regarding the future of its first-person action game series Conan. After all, the studio only announced the game a little under a year ago, so it’s been a while already. When asked in an interview with Gamestar what the studio has in store for Conan, its CEO Martin Walfisz revealed that the game is still slated to come out in 2021.. Read more about funcom announcement and let us know what you think.

This morning, there’s news from Funcom: The company, which is currently wholly owned by Tencent, announced that it has acquired a majority stake in Swedish studio The Outsiders and plans to open a new studio in Romania this summer. The improvements result in more resources for both rhythms FPS Metal : Hellsinger and the upcoming Dune game, says Funcom’s PR department.

The PR doesn’t mention Conan Chop Chopat all, another game Funcom is said to be working on with Mighty Kingdom. Readers will recall that the game was announced in 2019 as a roguelike ARPG, but the studio pushed the September 2019 release to 2020, specifically to expand the multiplayer from simple couch co-op to full online multiplayer, then pushed the launch to February 2020, then to the second quarter of 2020, then to later in 2020, before promising last December that the game would finally be released in early 2021.

And this time we mean it, the studio joked.

Needless to say, they didn’t really mean it. We are already way after the beginning of 2021. Indeed, starting tomorrow, the second half of the year begins. Since the game was delayed last year, neither the game’s social media nor Funcom’s social media Mighty Kingdom have brought any news. The same goes for Steam, which is still sticking to an early 2021 release date. (Steam users are whining. Now I’m whining too. Are we too grumpy to not want the game when it comes out?). No one even noticed the missed window, let alone chose a new one. Funcom, what are you doing?

ViewFuncom’s King Conan: Game of Thrones RPG is a fairly unknown property. It’s also a good example of how games can shape the future of the industry. The original game, produced by Funcom in 2014, was an ambitious attempt at telling a story that went beyond just the video game. It anticipated a lot of the feature film releases that were becoming all too common at the time.. Read more about conan exiles official website and let us know what you think.

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