The development team behind games like Sniper Elite, the open-world first person shooter game series has announced that just a few weeks away from release on February 14th 2018. The newest installment in the franchise will feature an online weapons customization system where players can design their own sniper rifles and pistols with parts they have found off of dead enemies throughout missions to create new styles of guns.
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The “sniper elite 5 cross platform” is a feature that will be present in the upcoming game, Sniper Elite 5. The weapons customization allows players to change their sniper rifles’ scopes and ammunition.

Sniper Elite 5 Will Feature A Weapons Customization

Sniper Elite 5 Will Feature A Weapons Customization System

The forthcoming third-person shooter Sniper Elite 5 will have a weapon customization system that provides players greater choice over how their loadout performs in battle, according to publisher and developer Rebellion. The announcement was followed by a new teaser that showcased some of the weapons that protagonist Karl Fairburne has at his disposal.

According to the publisher, Sniper Elite 5 has “a full range of weapons with the greatest customization and attachments ever seen in the franchise’s history.”

Sniper Elite 5 Will Feature A Weapons Customization System

Sniper Elite 5 Will Feature A Weapons Customization System

Scopes, suppressors, stocks, muzzle breaks, materials, and other components are among the more than 200 possibilities available to players. These are mostly obtained via discovering workbenches as you progress through the game’s stages.

The weapon customization feature in Sniper Elite 5 enables players to alter their loadout to better fit their chosen playstyle.

The four major attributes of the weapon — Power, Rate of Fire, Control, and Mobility – are affected differently by each portion. If you like to approach things quietly, the first two may be the way to go, whilst the last two may make you more efficient if you don’t mind confronting your opponents head-on.

“Authentic gunplay has always characterized Sniper Elite, and we wanted to take it to the next level for Sniper Elite 5,” Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley stated. “We’ve focused on improving the character and feel of our weapons, including adding a ‘Ironsights’ viewpoint for pistols and supplementary weapons like SMGs,” says the company.

Sniper Elite 5 will be released on PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4 on May 26. Below is the most recent trailer for the film.

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The “sniper elite 5 pre order” is a game that will feature a weapons customization. The game will also have a new dynamic weather system, and improved AI.

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