Runes of Magic is celebrating its 13th birthday with a creepy clown. It’s been in the top 10 most-played games on Steam for two years running and has a dedicated fan base who wants to see more content, better gameplay and new adventures every day.

Runes of Magic is celebrating its 13th birthday with a creepy clown. The game has been around since 2007, and the developers are still updating it today. Read more in detail here: netflix cloud gaming.

Runes of Magic is celebrating its 13th birthday with a creepy clown


You may not recognize it if you’re new to the MMORPG genre, but Runewaker’s Runes of Magic was originally a core MMO and one of the first large free-to-play MMOs before free-to-play became the norm. We even have a piece on the game when it first came out a long time ago. And we do mean a long time ago, since the game just celebrated its 13th birthday last weekend, an anniversary that passed by unnoticed until now.

Gameforge stated this morning that it would be throwing a “serious celebration” in the manner of a traditional anniversary festival to commemorate the occasion. As the title suggests, the developers even recruited a terrifying clown: “Begin the quest series at Thunderhoof Hills, where a peculiar clown would want to speak with you.” Complete the tasks and you will be awarded with exceptional awards for your efforts!”

If the idea of chatting to odd clowns makes you uncomfortable, you can still check in and get your 13th anniversary gift, which is essentially a free random gacha box containing everything from inks and runes to a permanent minipet.

ROM, happy birthday!

Isn’t it incredible? Runes of Magic will celebrate its 13th birthday in March! That necessitates a major celebration, so join us for the Runes of Magic Anniversary Festival and look forward to the following events:

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— Runes of Magic (@Runesofmagic) March 24, 2022


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