The LG G4 is a fantastic phone. I love how it feels, its camera, its battery life, and its screen. But, there are some things missing. For example, it lacks Dolby Atmos Sound. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s one of the most common differences between a smartphone today and a smartphone from five years ago. It also lacks the flagship fingerprint sensor, and it doesn’t have wireless charging. It’s still a great phone, but there are some things it is missing.

When it comes to gaming, many of us have the dream of having the best of everything. But why? In most cases, we get caught up in the hype of a “perfect system”, a system that performs well, looks good, and is complete with all the latest features. And sometimes it is just a little too much to ask for.

One of the main features of the PS4 Pro is the PlayStation VR headset, and you can use this to enjoy much improved visuals in some PlayStation games, but the headset still lacks a few other features.

Paradoxically, the more you look at a helmet, the more complicated it can seem. At least, that’s what I found. The more gaming headsets you examine, the more subtle the differences sometimes become, and the gap between mediocre, good and excellent becomes more and more like background noise in your ears. However, there are certain features that are essential for a quality headset. I have long believed in 3D audio. Helmets that take advantage of this feature immediately distinguish themselves from those that do not, and the RIG 700 HX demonstrates this important feature. However, they are missing another feature that I felt was just as important: active noise cancellation. Without these elements, these headphones are good quality, but a level below excellent.

RIG 700 Pro HX Headset Overview: Rich sound, but some functions are missing

word-image-14464 The RIG Pro 700 offers several SKUs, but the HX I played with is compatible with PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S. The RIG 700 Pro HX has the same exoskeleton design as many of the brand’s other headsets, giving it a distinct gamer look and feel. Personally, I don’t find this to be a problem, although it’s not my preference, but it makes up for it with a self-adjusting belt that’s as elastic as basketball shorts and accommodates a variety of head shapes and sizes. The frame is plastic, which is a disappointment compared to the much cheaper RIG Pro 500, which has a metal frame. I was wondering if it was because the 500 is now in generation 2, and maybe the next iteration of the 700 will have the same hardware upgrade. The Pro 700 cups have everything players want. The comfortable, lightweight left shell also features several physical buttons that allow gamers to make adjustments instantly, saving them time they would otherwise have to spend on the Xbox or in the game’s menus. Players can adjust the mix of game and chat audio, turn the volume up or down, and mute the headset, though the latter control was a bit hard to find and, as usual, not as convenient as tilting the microphone. word-image-14465 The microphone is detachable, which is nice, although it’s almost expected these days, and best of all, the headset is wireless and works up to 30 feet away. I’m not kidding when I say it’s a handy nest for a pee break or a snack you keep in group chat. It connects via a USB-A dongle, and the battery lasts 12 hours, the team said. In my tests, this proved to be true. I was really impressed with how long I could play the game on a single charge, and I even abandoned my habit of charging the device right after work, knowing I had plenty of time left. The downside of the wireless headset is that the charger is connected via micro-USB, which never seemed all that robust when it was the main port on devices and now, in the age of USB-C, seems particularly dated. The 3D sound I mentioned earlier is another interesting feature. With Dolby Atmos and the compatible app on Xbox consoles, it’s very easy to customize the sound with different default settings for the genre or by fully customizing your own sound profiles. word-image-5306 The lightweight, comfortable, wireless microphone is the basis for something special, and the addition of lifetime Dolby Atmos access really sets the headset apart from the competition, but unfortunately it lags a bit due to the lack of active noise cancellation. RIG wants to position itself as a brand for competitive gamers, and I always enjoy putting all the helmets they test to the test in battle royale by playing games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Warzoneto see how they perform in games where every move counts because it could be the last. While the 3D audio offers a rich, full soundstage that’s just as worthwhile as the much more expensive headphones I’ve tested, the inability to eliminate outside noise really bothered me. When the kids are running around and the partner is at home working, noise cancellation is essential, and the Pro 700 HX can’t help players working in such stressful environments. I can’t imagine anyone using the Pro 700 HX in tournaments, and while few people sit on a stage and play games for money and fame, many expect the headset to be as competitive as they are, and that’s where the $120 Pro 700 falls short the most. Still, the headsets must be compared to headsets in their price range, and between ubiquitous brands like the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 ($30 more expensive), the RIG Pro 700 stands out head and shoulders above the competition. I’ve also used cheaper kits that have knocked them all out.

RIG 700 Pro HX Headset Review – Summary



  • Extended wireless connection
  • Lifetime access to Dolby Atmos 3D sound
  • Multiple optic buttons integrated into the left earpiece
  • Independent and comfortable


  • Poor noise reduction requires a quiet outdoor environment
  • The plastic frame seems to be cheaper than the helmets in their own product family.
  • The mute button can be hard to find due to its location and lack of texture.

Gaming is a matter of taste, but most people who read reviews of headsets just want to know: Is it worth my money? At $120, the RIG Pro 700 HX is in a competitive price range and offers much of what buyers are looking for, even nice extras like lifetime support for Dolby Atmos 3D. But it’s not the fully featured device that some people expect in this price range. Without sound noise reduction in the plastic frame, the Pro 700 HX feels like it has one foot in the market it wants to dominate and one foot out of it. It’s certainly still a good headset and a better option than some of its larger competitors, but for $120 serious gamers can find a better one, and there’s still money left over for more games.The NVIDIA Shield Android TV is the latest version of the Shield TV, and it has a pretty damn good package. I’ve been using the Shield TV for a few months now, and I’ve been happy with the system overall. It’s an Android TV platform, and after using several other systems, I think it’s the best out there. It’s becoming more and more focused on gaming, with the latest updates, the Shield TV is the best system out there for gaming.. Read more about phonemic restoration effect top-down processing and let us know what you think.

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