It’s true. On August 17th, we’ll be rolling out the largest change to the game since its inception. We’re not going to spoil what it is, but we’ve been hearing from our community that people are interested in knowing more, so we’ve decided to show you what you can expect.

The Realm of the Mad God has been out since 2012, and the developers of the game are still actively working on the game, often releasing large patches. One of the most recent of those patches was released on August 2 and it added a new weapon called the “Mortar”, some new world bosses and a new dungeon called “Death’s Door”.

Realm of the Mad God’s biggest patch of the year lands August 17.

It’s been a while since we last watched Realm of the Mad God – at the very beginning of the year. Back in January, following the release of the 2020 Exalt remaster, Deca Games and Wild Shadow Studios revealed a bold development plan for the game, which, as readers will recall, is a retro 8-bit Bullet-style free-to-play PvP MMO with a permadeath feel and an absurdly positive Steam score that is unique in the MMO genre. Steam also tries to recommend it to me as someone who likes both Trove and Albion Online, which ….. actually seems appropriate when you think about it.

Anyway, January’s roadmap promised a big release in August for Mad God’s annual month, and we’re now getting closer to that date, which of course means the teasers and trailers have begun. As promised, the team is implementing a major overhaul of the extremely polar Shatters dungeon in Antinomy, a new enchantment system for gear, a new dungeon modification system resembling alternate difficulty levels and challenges with random appearance, and even more story.

In addition to this update, more updates will follow in 2021 and next year. A new class, an overhaul of the empire, a brand new Battle Pass and more QoL features are just some of the things that are currently in the hands of the designers and developers, according to studio officials. And from what I saw, there was a line of people wanting to play it.

We’ve never had as many people in Realm as we did in 2020. […] In 2021 and 2022 we will not slow down. We want to make the game cleaner, more user-friendly and even more fun, so that at some point (after more than 10 years) we can confidently introduce our game to new users and expand the Realm community. So hold on tight, because Realm is thriving like never before!



The new update for the Realm of the Mad God on August 17 will bring some big changes to the game. Some of the main features include a brand new class, the Trickster, and more pets and transformations to choose from. We’ve been playing the new patch to death, and we’re excited to bring you our first impressions.. Read more about how to play realm of the mad god exalt and let us know what you think.

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