As a huge baseball fan, I was overly excited for the return of R.B.I. Baseball this year. I have been playing the series since its PC debut in 1988, and have played every single console release since the 16-bit console days. I even have a subscription to R.B.I. Baseball Online, the latest version of the series. While R.B.I. Baseball 21 is not the game I was expecting, it is a step in the right direction for the series, as it attempts to bring modern gameplay to the staid, traditionalist franchise. The biggest change is the animations for the new batting system, and while they look great, the slower swing speed and lack of variety hamper the game.

Out of all the updates that the major sports games have made in recent years, the most significant improvement has been by the MLB-licensed MLB The Show series, which has added small upgrades each year without any major flaws or changes. Even though each of the games in the series is pretty much the same, it is the steady improvement that makes each game more playable and enjoyable than the previous.

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice; they obviously haven’t been following the development of R.B.I. Baseball 21 . The newest version of the retro-style baseball series — which recreates the look, feel, and rules of Major League Baseball in the 1980s — has been released. While the core gameplay experience remains rooted in the past, improvements to the graphics, modes, and customization tools result in one of the most enjoyable seasons in series history.

This is the eighth time MLB Advanced Media has released the R.B.I. Baseball franchise, and while the series has gotten better and better over the years, it has yet to find traction in the baseball video game community. This brings us to R.B.I. Baseball 21 and my first review of this franchise for OS. This year, the development team has taken a different approach to the game, both on and off the field, hoping to strike a solid balance between the arcade and simulation worlds. This is not an easy task – many developers have tried, but few have succeeded. The main changes proposed by the developers are listed below. Then we move on to the full RBI Baseball 21exam.

What’s new in RBI Baseball ’21?

word-image-7863 According to the development team:

  • Creating a player mode With huge customization options, create a hitter that fits your style and turn him into an MLB superstar.
  • comment for the play-by-play: Our most requested feature, play-by-play, has arrived in baseball R.B.I.
  • Summertime: Watch the sun set over the third base line with a brand new summer upgrade. Afternoon matches become evening matches and more

The developers ofhave also worked hard to create a smoother style of play on the field, with hundreds of new animations, an updated set of networks, and a deep set of sliders to create a group of settings to customize the game.

What I like – R.B.I. Baseball 21 Overview


Before I start telling what I like about the game RBI 21, I want to say the following. Some animation issues are noticeable from the start, and while they detract from the overall look of the game, I found plenty of ways to have fun on the diamond. The goal of RBI Baseball as a franchise is to give people a chance to pick up a controller and have fun. If you understand that, then I consider what is presented here a success. word-image-3347 Even now, as I write this review, I feel like going back and playing the game – and I think it’s very educational. Despite its flaws, I found enjoyment in every game type of R.B.I. Baseball 21. It’s a combination of ease of play, affordability, and the fact that it’s an MLB-licensed game at a time when I desperately want more MLB games in my life. I can play in any fully detailed baseball stadium with all the players and enjoy playing baseball at the most basic level. The game offers different levels of difficulty depending on the level you choose. The standard difficulty level seemed a little easy, but when I went to the next level I found it quite challenging. This is very different from last year, when I thought it was too easy to beat teams with the mercy rule, even on the highest difficulty. word-image-7864 The game is very good both on and off the field, combining simple gameplay with intuitive mechanics. RBI ’21 is also enough to understand where you are succeeding and where you need to improve your approach.

Game commentary

As a newcomer to RBI Baseball 21, I was very concerned about the new play-by-play commentary. I’ve dealt with many SDS staffers over the years, and I know firsthand how difficult it is to take care of the play-by-play during a baseball game and make sure it delivers meaningful content with a natural fluidity. MLB Network’s Fran Charles plays the RBI Baseball ’21game, and although it was his first attempt, he did a pretty good job. Most of the comments here are correct and contextual. Charles does his best to present the action in a natural and organic way.   word-image-3348 Is the game perfect? No. Sometimes they say one thing in the comments but show something else on the field. It didn’t happen often, but enough to mention it here. In short, the commentary does nothing to define the genre, as it is largely shallow and superficial. Charles will not go into the biography of each player here, nor will he go into each pitch. It simply mentions the actions that take place before your eyes in due course.

The variety on the rhombus

One of the most difficult tasks in statistics-based video games is creating varied gameplay. Now, with over 30 games in RBI ’21, I can say that the developers of MLBAM have created something that really provides a challenge on the field that can vary from game to game. For a game that lives in a simulation world that is a cross between simulation and arcade, RBI 21 offers a bit of both. In my time in RBI, I have seen low scoring games, multi-hit games, duels between pitchers all the way to the bullpen, and game anomalies. All of these elements combine to create a world of credibility in the field and produce consistent results that mimic what we see in real life. word-image-7865 As mentioned earlier, RBI 21 now offers a full range of sliders and options that allow you to customize and shape the pitch to your capabilities. With this extension module, the results can be unfolded in such a way that only the user’s contribution is decisive. Turn the game options on or off and decide whether all of the user’s skills should determine the outcome of each roll and strike, or whether ratings should also play a role.

What I Don’t Like – R.B.I. Baseball 21 Overview



The animation, or lack thereof, is a major factor preventing this game from being taken seriously by the masses. The game has other flaws, though: there’s a constant problem in the animation department that takes me out of the action. The inability to create consistent, cohesive game movement is a horror. I’m not just talking about the contextual animations, which are also missing. It’s more about the basic movements that are common in the field, but sometimes seem out of place. I often saw my mid-infielder throw the ball to first base, and the animation of that throw looked like a missile coming out of the mid-infielder’s elbow. It’s no better in the outfield, where players are constantly leaning toward the ball to make plays, and often pretend they have a vacuum cleaner hidden in their glove when they make a defensive move. It’s not all bad in the animation department, and there are some notable successes over last year’s work, but there’s still room for improvement. At this point, the game on the field is reminiscent of the old MLB 2K series at its worst, and overall the game still lacks the basic fluidity that other baseball games from the PS2 and original Xbox era did.

No read option

word-image-7867 Another year with no repeat opportunities in the RBI franchise. I’ve been lobbying for this addition for years and asking for it through many channels, yet we still don’t have the game. Look, I’m well aware that the development team for RBI Baseball is smaller, and that gameplay will always take precedence over peripheral things like the replay system. However, the lack of replayability of this franchise was very disappointing to me and many others. When you try to promote a franchise through authority and optics, you give your community a chance to help you. Provide the tools to create your own micro ads and post them on your social media channels. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X make it easy to record games and send them to these channels, but the development team has ignored it so far. During my time at RBI Baseball 21, there were always times when there was an exciting defensive play or a deep infield hit that I wanted to catch and place – I just never got the chance.


word-image-7868 RBI Baseball ’21 is exciting if you approach the game with the right attitude, which I believe I did. I think it’s fair to say that the community is watching this game with some disbelief, and probably rightly so. He’s not trying to replace MLB The Show, and those who think he can or should might not like him as much as I do. R.B.I. Baseball 21 is designed so that people of all ages can pick it up and play it. As I mentioned in the review, there are fundamental problems with the animation system, there is no replayability, and the game offers a bit of baseball simulation at best. Designed for the casual baseball fan,RBI Baseball 21 offers the only chance on consoles to enjoy a licensed MLB game without being overwhelmed by the simulation. There were a lot of mistakes made here, and sometimes those mistakes were frustrating. The bottom line, however, is that there’s a lot of fun to be had, whether it’s in Franchise, Exhibition or Online mode. There’s still room for improvement (a lot), but if you’re looking for a fun game that everyone can enjoy, you could do a lot worse this year than adding RBI Baseball ’21 to your rotation.

Associate members

R.B.I. Baseball has been back in the news lately. While it’s been on hiatus for years now, the series is making a comeback this year thanks to the efforts of Big League Baseball Advanced Media, the digital arm of Major League Baseball. They’re bringing the series back for its first entry on modern consoles, and the result is a solid step forward for the series.. Read more about r.b.i. baseball 20 commentary and let us know what you think.

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