Consider this a follow up to our recent article, which featured a short video featuring a former Orbiter player in a rage. The video showcased the player getting into a heated battle with another player and completely stomping him – and rightfully so, in my opinion. The short video became quite popular, and we received a number of comments about it, one of which was that the actions of the player in the video were completely unacceptable. One player said, “He was totally right…just shows how aggressive players are here, it’s rampant. I’ve been waiting for PvP in Fractured since it was first announced and I’ve spent a lot of money on it. Now I’m thinking it will never happen.”

Last week, I covered the upcoming PvP sandbox game Fractured, which is currently running an alpha test for its PC and Mac versions. It’s a game that is aiming to provide a unique and engaging take on PvP, with a focus on crafting and gathering resources as you battle against other players in your faction. The game’s developer and CEO Blair Renaud was kind enough to answer a few questions for me about the game.

With a growing studio and another big alpha test on the horizon, Fractured is kicking into high gear in 2021. Level 2, to be precise. You get some new skills, more stats and a hat that allows you to drink a free pint of beer in every tavern you visit. In any case, Dynamight Studios released its latest roadmap this week, leading into what it calls Autumn Alpha 2021.

One of the issues the studio hopes to fix before the fall is the player killing that took place during the last PvP test, even though the game very politely asks players to only engage in conflicts between guilds and cities.

Apparently Fractured’s system wasn’t enough to prevent and protect runaway ganking, so work continues to strengthen penalties for this fall’s alpha test. Today it’s an arms race between the developer and the card players, and it’s a safe bet that the players will find a solution regardless of the punishment. But that’s us and 25 years of MMORPG history.

In addition to PvP, the fall alpha will significantly expand Fractured ‘s PvE offerings by adding more than 20 creatures, 40 skills, more points of interest, and a world event system. The team is also improving the game’s performance with an update to SpatialOS.


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