Prison Architect going green is now a new option in the game, aiming to reduce the amount of water and electricity you use in your prisons by making them more sustainable. In this Prison Architect going green review, we’ll go over the new options you have with the green update and how you can best utilize them to keep your prisons running without having to spend too much money.

Prison Architect is a game about managing a prison, but that doesn’t mean that the game needs to promote a culture of incarceration. The developers took steps to reduce the prison population by incorporating green elements that make prisons easier to maintain and more bearable for both inmates and staff. Some of the green elements in the game include having solar panels to generate power, which means that prisons could rely less on fossil fuel electricity and even generate excess power that could be sold to the grid. In addition, the game encourages players to build prisons close to forests, rather than urban areas, as this helps to conserve space and reduce the environmental impact of construction and maintenance.

Prison Architect has certainly been a big success for indie developers Introversion Software. The game was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign, and when it first came out, it was only available to the public through Steam Early Access. It was downloaded over a million times, and it was highly acclaimed for the clever way it tapped into the public’s fascination with prison life. The game lets you build your own prison and then manage it – you have to hire staff, grant freedom to your prisoners, and balance your budget to stay in the black.

Farming is a typical facet of management simulations in general, but it has never been what Prison Architect players outside the modding community expect. Prison Architect: Going Green challenges these expectations by allowing the guards to have their inmates work in the fields to feed the camp, and even grow crops to raise money for the prison. Of course, if they work the land, the prisoners have new places to cause trouble, as well as new contraband to deal with. (Surprise: they really want to make moonshine.)

Prison architect goes green Review: To green pastures

word-image-10731 The idea of working on a farm is new to Prison Architect, as the job is holistic compared to the other jobs previously available to the game’s inmates. Of course, you can also hire pawns to do the work and have your prisoners watch from the sidelines – why not! Assigning your prisoners to field work in Going Green is not much different from assigning them to other tasks, although the same cannot be said of operating solar panels. You will need solar panels, batteries, a transformer and a power meter to connect and use the solar power system if you want to export the excess energy for cash. This is a tempting solution, but you can supplement it with a traditional power plant, just in case. There are currently a number of bugs in the game related to the new solar system, which can be particularly troublesome, especially when trying to move new solar-related items once they are installed. But there are many others. There’s a patch coming out soon that will hopefully fix these and a number of other new bugs, but it’s worth keeping that in mind before you buy, as some of these new bugs are so common that they even diminish my enjoyment of the expansion at this point. Going Greenwas released at the same time as the core Greenhouse update. This update has brought a number of quality improvements to the user interface, particularly in terms of the build menus. I have to say that it’s more than entertaining, considering all that’s been added in the expansion, and it’s worth thinking about whether you’re diving into Going Green or not. This is the second Prison Architect expansion released after Paradox Interactive took over the publishing of the game and Double Even became the developer. Those who were disappointed by the first expansion, Island Bound, will find much more interest in Going Green , despite the flaws of the first expansion.

Prison Architect: Review of Greening – The Conclusion



  • Dividing the fields and making the prisoners work for themselves is exactly what the game needs.
  • The illegal use of the fields and their harvesting by the prisoners is a fun challenge.
  • New methods of fundraising in prison are always welcome.
  • Many new ways to decorate their prisons


  • At the time of writing this article often contains errors
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Going Green has a lot of potential despite his current problems. The addition of solar power is a nice touch, but the real appeal of this expansion is the ability to essentially create a prison farm colony, and – , damn! – it’s fun. Nevertheless, the bugs should not be ignored, nor the presence of some mod in the workshop that adds farming to the game without having to invest money. Prison Architect: Going Green brings a lot more to the table than this mod, although it’s worth it if you’re really looking for more depth in your time with Prison Architect. [Note: Paradox Interactive has made available a copy of Prison Architect:. Going Green was used for this research].In Prison Architect, you task is to construct and manage a prison facility. As the architect you will be building the cells, offices, common rooms, guard rooms, infirmaries, and all the other facilities that a prison needs, as well as the roads and power and water supplies that they require to function. You’ll need to hire and manage your staff, from guards and cooks, to librarians and janitors, and ensure that they’re kept happy and healthy with the right facilities and equipment. From the moment you take over the prison, its inhabitants will be under your control. You’ll be able to see them doing their jobs, idling in the canteen, or skipping work to go to the gym. You can control every. Read more about full version of prison architect and let us know what you think.

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