This week, the newest game from legendary designer Hideo Kojima and his team at Konami, Primordia is released for PC. The review will discuss what to expect with this new game in a genre that typically doesn’t get much love these days.

Primordia is a new game from the developers of The Swapper. It’s a sci-fi puzzle platformer, and it has been getting some positive reviews.

Primordia review - This Week In Video Games

Primordia has arrived for Nintendo Switch, and if you like traditional point-and-click adventure games, this one from Wormwood Studios and Wadjet Eye Games is worth checking out.

Humans have long since vanished, and robots now dominate the world. Our primary character and focus, Horatio Nullbuilt, spends his time reading literature from the days of mankind and arguing/joking with another robot called Crispin. Horatio also enjoys scouring the desert for scrap metal to aid in the rebuilding and maintenance of his old ship, the Unniic. However, their idyllic life is about to be irreparably changed when a new droid named Scaper steals the Unniic’s Energy Core, sending Horatio and Crispin out on their own journey.

Primordia is a good point-and-click adventure game that was just launched for Nintendo Switch, following in the footsteps of Wadjet Eye Games’ Unavowed. Other narrative adventure games making headlines in 2022, such as Norco and Chinatown Detective Agency, look to be part of a mini-revival of the genre. Primordia, which was first launched in 2012, is heavily influenced by mid-90s adventure games such as Lucas Arts’ Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle.

You have an inventory where you can acquire and mix objects, as well as a good map that enables you to move quickly (which is a nice quality of life feature over similar games that came before Primordia). When compared to the old classics, the controls seem like they’ve been given a quality of life improvement as well, and they perform wonderfully on the Nintendo Switch. Primordia’s setting is a little dreary and dark, but it looks a lot better on the Nintendo Switch’s tiny screen, especially the OLED edition. The environment is thick and tough to traverse on a large PC screen, but the game feels more approachable and welcoming in portable form on the Nintendo Switch.


While the game’s plot and writing are fantastic and fascinating, the game’s age is beginning to show. Primordia reveals its age with old style fetch quests and a mix of goods, while most recent point and click adventures have simplified features. This entails attempting several combinations of objects, some of which may match one way but not the other, causing confusion. You can, for example, combine items B and A, but not A and B. There’s also the all-too-common pitfall of clicking everything on the screen and methodically looking through each item and combination of action points.

The game’s riddles vary from excellent to not so good. Although the game might be a bit erratic at times, Horatio and Crispin work effectively together to discover the secrets of Primordia. Crispin can occasionally assist you with problem answers, and they can’t always… but there’s no explanation offered. Finding the clues to break the password to a closed door is entertaining at first, but it quickly becomes tedious. Primordia is a good game, but it’s from Wormwood Studio’s early days, and I’ve seen them improve since then. I shouldn’t make comparisons, but I can’t ignore the fantastic gameplay mechanics I’ve seen in their subsequent games. Of course, it’s easy to say this in retrospect, and it’s only logical that previous games were less compelling.

The writing and story are the stars of the show. Horatio and Crispin do a good job of informing you about the universe, and they even engage into philosophical debates later in the game that will make you think. From a gameplay standpoint, this is a traditional point-and-click adventure. I believe it’s great that Nintendo Switch owners can now play these titles that were previously exclusively accessible on PC. However, I believe there is a superior point-and-click game available. I’d suggest Primordia to anybody interested in a science fiction society devoid of people, with machines longingly pondering what life was like “back then.”

Wormwood Studios is the creator of this game. Wadjet Eye Games is the publisher of this game. PC and Nintendo Switch are the platforms that this game is available on (Reviewed on Switch) The film will be released on March 2, 2022. (Nintendo Switch)

Primordia is a 35mm game that has been released on Steam. It is a single-player, procedurally generated platformer where you explore the world and try to find your way out. This week in video games is Primordia review.

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