On the subject of raiding in World of Warcraft: Classic, players have been venting their frustrations in various chat channels, as well as on social media. The reasons for the complaints are varied, but a common theme is that the faction balance of some of the raid encounters isn’t up to snuff.

After seeing a recent post on the WoW sub Reddit , a comment was made about how the game world is currently over-geared for the human-controlled Alliance faction, while the undead Horde faction has been under-geared for a long time now. As someone who played both Horde and Alliance characters for many, many years, I’m inclined to agree.

It’s been less than a year since the launch of the World of Warcraft: Classic servers , and already the Classic servers are sounding an alarm over the imbalance in the world of Azeroth. This past weekend, the World of Warcraft subreddit exploded into a war of words when a number of players posted videos of their characters leveling in the Classic beta realms. In some videos, characters were visible for hundreds of hours, while in others, they were only visible for a few minutes.

Not pictured.

World of Warcraft may be in trouble right now, but at least things are looking up on WoW Classic, right? Actually, not all that much. If the same-faction battlegrounds weren’t enough to warn you, the game has a major issue in the shape of a faction imbalance that seems to be worsening rather than improving. Ironforge.pro, a player-run website, records a 45.9% to 54.1 percent disparity favoring the Horde, but when PvE servers are removed from the equation, it becomes even more unbalanced at 39.7% to 60.3 percent. And some of the servers are much worse, with faction imbalances as high as 90%.

As many people have pointed out on Reddit, this is an issue that affects the whole game; imbalanced servers make it difficult to find groups, sell goods on the auction house, and so on even on non-PvP worlds. Although horror tales of Alliance players entering PvP prize boxes for a few of food items indicate that the present method isn’t working, it’s unclear what might be done to address the faction imbalance.

It’s also worth noting that Blizzard was recently sued by the state of California for its widespread culture of sexual harassment and discrimination, so maybe this isn’t the most pressing issue at hand.


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