The Phasmophobia Crucifix is a funny keychain that is very popular among gamers. It is a crucifix that can be used to hold down a variety of keys. It can be used to hold down the Spacebar, the arrow keys, the Enter key, or the Ctrl key depending on what kind of position you would like to use it for. When you are playing a game and you need to quickly take your hands off the keyboard, the Phasmophobia Crucifix is one of the best and most convenient ways to do that.

The phasmophobia crucible is an item in the Fallout series. It is an item that can only be obtained from the secret Vault 114. Inside this vault can be found a 3D model of the phasmophobia crucifix. The crucible is the only way to get a phasmophobia crucifix in the game.

We all have our own ways of playing video games. Some prefer to mute the sound entirely, while others prefer to go with music. For those of us with phasmophobia (fear of noise), this is not always an option, but luckily there are ways to help the phasmophobia sufferer.

What is the best way to use the Crucifix when playing Phasmophobia? How does it affect the ghosts you’re hunting?

Phasmophobia’s Crucifix is one of several tools you can take with you while exploring its haunted locations. While others help you communicate with the ghost, this one can potentially be a lifesaver.

That’s because knowing how to use the Crucifix in Phasmophobia has the ability to prevent ghosts from hunting players, giving the party more time to figure out what they’re dealing with and how to fight it.

How to Use the Crucifix in Phasmophobia

But what is the best way to use the Phasmophobia Crucifix? In order for it to work, the ghost needs to be in the Crucifix’s area of effect when it intends to start hunting.

From what we can tell, the best tip regarding how to use the Crucifix in Phasmophobia is to throw it on the ground of the room harboring your spectral foe. The item has a range of about 3 meters and two charges.

If the ghost is within the range of a Crucifix when it attempts to initiate a hunt, it will fail to do so while depleting one of the item’s charges. You can take up to two Crucifixes with you on each mission.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Phasmophobia’s Crucifix doesn’t seem to affect the enemy after it’s already begun hunting. Thus, it’s crucial to have it near the ghost before it becomes aggressive.

That’s what we currently know about how to use the Crucifix in Phasmophobia. Did you find more uses for the item? Let us know in the comments below.

For more on Phasmophobia, drop by our guides covering voice commands and the Spirit Box.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use the crucifix in Phasmophobia?

The crucifix is used as a symbol of the fear of phantoms.

Where do you put the crucifix Phasmophobia?

The crucifix is usually placed on the wall above the bed.

How many times can you use crucifix Phasmophobia?

You can use crucifix Phasmophobia twice.

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