After the success of the Persona series, gamers are eagerly anticipating the release of Persona 5. The game’s first trailer was released on April 15, 2018. To follow our progress and help you through the Persona 5 game-play, we decided to compile a list of all the games, their order, and the best place to start if you’re new to the series. To keep the article organized, we will also be dividing this list into several sections.

Persona is a series of role-playing games created by Atlus. The games are set in a universe of a different reality where the supernatural exists and the characters are called Personas. The Persona series focuses on navigating the nightmarish realities of the mind, with the main goal of trying to defeat the evil forces that plague the characters. The world of the Persona series is filled with Horror and Death, and is a place where the line between reality and madness is very thin.

The PersonaPersona franchise is a series of games centered around intrigue and communication between teenagers. Divided between two worlds, the heroes of these games must navigate both real life and the fantasy world of RPGs. Despite these cornerstones of the series, no two games are alike Persona . Most issues have different stories, different powers and lots of new characters. It’s very difficult to keep them in order, let alone know which games are in the official franchise timeline. So, if you’re new to the series or just want to refresh your memory, we can help. Let’s take a look at the history of the PersonaPersona franchise.

How many Personagames are there?

There are a total of 21 games in the Persona series. Six of them are considered the main Persona Persona games, and the other games are either remakes, spin-offs or expansions.

In particular, the six games Persona are accepted as part of this series. The main genre of Persona is a turn-based JRPG with exploration elements, to put it simply. These include the five games numbered Persona . Persona 2, however, is divided into two different versions: Innocent Sin andEternal Punishment. These two Persona games are designed to follow on from each other, and are a direct continuation of the story of P2.

Then there are four remakes of the Persona games from . It’s mostly about introducing older games like Shin Megami Tensei:. Persona andP2 on more modern consoles. We countP3 Portable in this list because it was released three years after the original version. Still, it can easily be considered an upgrade from the originalP3.

There are three game updates for different games that are also on the market. These are Persona 3 FES,Persona 4 Golden,andPersona 5 Royal. These games add extra content to the original games and bring them to the current generation of consoles.

Finally, there are a total of eight Persona spin-offs. These include the popularP4 Arena, the fantasy seriesDancing andPersona Q. Persona 5 Strikers, the most recent game in thePersona series, is a spin-off.

Which game Persona should I play first?

Since the franchise is a core series, any Persona game is a good choice for the first game, for several reasons.

Persona 5 is the latest addition to the main franchise, and it has received a brand new updateP5:. Royal. This makes it the most accessible on modern consoles, and perhaps the most beautiful.

Revelations: PersonaPersona is available on the original PlayStation, while the remake is available on PSP and PC. This is where the series began, and you can see a lot of ideas left over from the rest of the franchise. However, some elements have been removed, and the game can be frustrating for new players.

P2 has long been split into two parts, which can be fun. Although the sequences areP3, P4and P5 , when added and divided they are much shorter. This is a good game to consider if you’re looking for a slightly shorter RPG experience with the ability to take a break in between.

P3 and P4 are both excellent, with inventive scenarios and more JRPG-like combat. These games are worth playing after going throughP5 or the originalPersona, just to get a feel for the series before jumping into the older, crazier games.

Spin-Off Game Starter

While the Personaand Personaspin-off games are fantastic, they are not considered the centerpiece of the franchise. If you want to start with a specific spin-off, you can choose any of them!

We recommend playing games likePersona 4 Arena orPersona 5 Strikers after you finish the original game. Finally, it’s hard to enjoyP5 Strikers without knowing more about the Joker and the Ghost Thieves.

However, if you want to play games from theDancing series, go ahead! The music ofPersona is legendary for a reason!

Is there a correct order to play the Persona games?

There is no correct order to play the basic games Persona . Each of the main games takes place in a different area with a completely different scenario.

However, if you wish to become familiar with the recommended order of the games, we recommend that you proceed in the reverse order of publication:

  • Persona 5 (Royal)(PS3, PS4)
  • Persona 4 (Golden)(PS2, PSV, PC)
  • Persona 3 (PS2, PSP)
  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin (PlayStation, PSP)
  • Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (PlayStation, PSP)
  • Revelations: Persona (Shin Megami Tensei: Persona)(PlayStation, PC, PSP)

The only reason we recommend the reverse order is because the games have gotten older. Older games are not only harder to find, but sometimes hard to understand. Persona is an old franchise after all!

Which game Persona is considered the best?

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It is difficult to say which game Persona is considered the best. Many of these evoke different reactions in people, resulting in different experiences or expectations. In the end, everyone will come to thePersona series with different baggage. The games themselves deal with psychological trauma, inner demons and complex relationships between characters.

However, we can use Metacritic for comparison, as it has a large number of reviews for most modern Persona games . According to Metacritic, the best game in the main series is Persona by far Persona 5. P5Royal is close with a 95 from critics and still an impressive 8.4 from viewers. That’s not easy, especially for a traditional JRPG.

Persona 4also received good reviews Golden scored only slightly lower than the users and 93 points from the critics! The plot of the game is also very different fromP5, so you might prefer a slightly darker tone if you didn’t like P5. P4 is also available on PC, but the port is significantly worse than on the Vita.

The other members of the main franchise also scored well, but the older the games, the lower the score. This does not mean thatRevelations Persona orP2 are bad games…. But they certainly lack the visual style that madeP3, P4, and P5the insane forces they are today.

Do you like thePersona series? Check out our other guides on the subject!

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