The Game Awards have been running since 2013, and in 2019 they announced that they were planning on holding their 2019 edition in Australia. With the original country set to host the event, the Game Awards released a statement recently that the event would not be taking place in Australia this year, instead opting to hold an online event instead. The statement gave no timeline or reason why the event will be held online, but the change has been made before and has either been a success or not.

PAX Australia’s dedicated fans have been awaiting news of the conference for some time now, and it looks like their fears may have been realized. According to a post on their official Facebook page , the venue is booked for the weekend of that year’s PAX convention. This is coupled with the news that PAX Australia has apparently been canceled altogether along with the convention, and will be replaced by an online event instead.


Reedpop revealed late last night that PAX Australia’s in-person event, which was scheduled for October 8th through 10th, has been canceled.

“We were hopeful at the start of the year that we’d all be able to meet in person in October,” the firm adds. “We’ve been working hard with our partners and exhibitors to produce the best possible version of PAX Aus 2021, however the next edition of PAX Aus will now take place in 2022 owing to the continuing effect of COVID-19 in Australia.” PAX Aus Online will take place, and everyone who bought tickets to the live event will get a full refund.

The announcement isn’t surprising given that Sydney is presently under lockdown because to the country’s largest-ever COVID-19 epidemic, with fewer than 20% of the population properly vaccinated. As Kotaku points out, the region’s current safety precautions would make it impossible for anybody to attend in the first place.

PAX West in Seattle is still on track to take place in less than a month, but attendees will need to provide evidence of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to get entry. People, be careful out there.

An update on the PAX Australia 2021 image.

10 August 2021 — PAX Australia (@PAXAus)


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