Lost Ark is a hugely anticipated game that launched its pre-sale in January and has already sold out their headstart. Lost Ark is the first ARPG on the market with an innovative blockchain based economy, which was brought to fruition by Daniel Youngblood, who also founded Blockchain Gamer Connections. Experts are wondering if it will be able to live up to hype among gamers or become another “Game Theorists Fail”

Lost Ark is a new action-adventure game that was released last night. The headstart for the game started at midnight and over half a million people showed up to play it.

Over half a million people showed up at the same time to play Lost Ark’s headstart last night


Despite a difficult start on Steam, Lost Ark has already soared to (nearly) the top of the rankings, even before its free-to-play release. Day one of headstart had 532,476 concurrent gamers and over a million Twitch watchers at its peak last night. Given the incentives from both sides, you may ignore those Twitch viewers, but this headstart is buy-to-play, which means Amazon and Smilegate are cleaning up on this imported MMO. With that number of players, the game is now ranked third on Steam, after CSGO and Dota 2.

For instance, during its inaugural weekend last autumn, Amazon’s New World had over 900,000 concurrent users. On the other hand, we’ve been waiting for Lost Ark since 2014.

To handle the load, Amazon opened multiple servers throughout the evening, including Akkan for the west coast and Karmine for the east coast. The full free-to-play launch isn’t until Friday, so now you’ve got to decide whether you can wait a few more days for that or the hype machine is going to get your wallet open after all.

We’ll be broadcasting the game this afternoon at 2 p.m. EST, so tune in at 2 p.m. EST for Chris’ first steps, and while you’re there, check out Tyler’s pre-launch hands-on with the game.



…and now for the big unveiling of the Man at Arms Berserker Sword replica!!

Watch here! ⚒️ https://t.co/DpKFN5WpZh pic.twitter.com/3xk0KC2iRW

— Lost Ark (@playlostark) February 9, 2022


Lost Ark’s headstart last night saw over half a million people show up at the same time to play. The game has been getting good reviews from players and critics alike. Reference: lost ark player count korea.

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