What are the differences between your old duel arena and it’s newly launched replacement? The new arena offers increased rewards, safety, and a much more accessible experience.

The “Old School RuneScape” is a new game that has been released. It’s replacing the old duel arena, and it looks like a lot of fun. Read more in detail here: runescape old school.

Old School RuneScape details the newly launched duel arena’s replacement


Allow us to refresh your memory for those who haven’t been following the evolution of the duel arena in Old School RuneScape: Jagex claimed that the duel arena will be removed in October 2021 in order to curb gold trading and fraudulent activities that were rife there. The time it would take for this change to be completed was not specified, but interim measures were implemented a month later, reducing GP stakes and providing two loadout presets in the meanwhile.

This leads us to the current day and the newly launched PvP arena, which includes ranked and unranked 1v1 tournaments and 1v1 duels. Arena battles take place in a different game area with normalized stats, but players may choose between three major and secondary fighting styles for a little of variety. To join the arena, users just register their interest in fighting and then go about their business while matchmaking finds a suitable opponent, using rank points to establish fair matches.

Weapons and armor, decoration kits, new blighted scrolls, and infuse scrolls are among the non-cosmetic and PvP-specific prizes available for battling in the arena. The unveil page gives interested gamers a complete breakdown of everything new in the game.


Frequently Asked Questions

What will replace the Duel Arena?

A: The Duel Arena is being replaced by a new mode called Duel which has 4 different game modes.

Does rs3 have Duel Arena?

A: RS3 does not currently have a Duel Arena. The closest thing to it would be the free-for-all arena in R4 and Arena of Fate.

What happened to staking Osrs?

A: There are a few reasons this may have happened. The first is that the way in which staking worked allowed people to stake on items they did not own. For example, if you had an item worth 100k and someone else owned it, they could then sell it to you for a much higher price than what was originally stated by Jagex because of your ownership stake on their item. This led to some very interesting real time market values being set across RuneScape due to improper implementation of staking mechanics from Jagex themselves.

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