Back in late 2018, Niantic announced that the upcoming Pokemon Go Fest event will be taking place in Chicago in August 2021. The event will be a celebration of the game’s six-year anniversary, and attendees will be able to obtain special items that will be sold exclusively at the event.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding Pokemon Go’s upcoming Pokemon Go Fest event in Chicago this summer, but, thanks to this year’s Pokemon Go Fest, Niantic has now revealed some of the details surrounding the event. Niantic will be making a number of changes to the event to help better prepare attendees for the massive expo, and the biggest news are that Niantic is now planning to use a new game engine and a different server to handle the event.

The Pokemon Go Fest saw a phenomenal turnout of Pokemon trainers at San Diego’s Petco Park on July 22. The event, held during the annual Comic-Con convention, saw Nintendo’s Pokemon Go app users gather together to play the augmented reality (AR) game in a real-world setting. This marks the second time that the Pokemon Go Fest has been held. The first took place last year in Chicago, and was so successful that fans were able to chat with Pokemon Go developers via live video feeds.

word-image-12923 New details have surfaced about the upcoming Pokemon Go festival, and there’s plenty to be excited about. Although we are already seeing that other players may be affected who can’t leave their homes because of COVID, and there is a hint that there could be more sponsorship shenanigans. Raid Pokémon can be highly coveted, or players who don’t go outside can only get them by logging into the game through the event’s sponsor, Google. We don’t know. What we do know is that the event is 17-18. July costs just $5 and pairs regional players Sawk and Throh with a Southern Ecuador exclusive in Chatot, a branching quest line and two new soundtracks from Pokémon music producer Junichi Masuda. The rare Pokémon Audino, a potential Mega Evolution candidate that also yields the most Stardust per capture – 2.1k – will appear more frequently and hatch from 7k eggs (hatching halfway through), andwill take their shiny form. Dayno, the Pokémon that got Niantic into trouble last year, is also expected to make a new appearance at the event. If you don’t like the more competitive side ofPOGO, don’t worry. The quest with branches allows you to obtain costumed Pokémon, but they are exclusive. When creating a group, first select Pikachu Rock Star or Pikachu Pop Star. This also changes the music played during the event. Then you have the choice between the costumed versions of Galarian Ponit and Zigzagun, then Flygon or Gardevoir. The general idea is good, although I admit that a musical event for a game played outside with people seems to contradict the basic safety ofandcommunication, but the annual Lavender Town Halloween remix that spawned the game is one of my favorite songs from the series, so why not? Just like last year, there are themed spawns every hour in four themed areas this Saturday: Jungle, desert, mountains, sea and caves appearing for an hour and then moving on to the next area. This too is an eight-hour event from 10am to 6pm local time, but unlike the Canto event, Go Fest offers a full second day replay in case you couldn’t play at the time you wanted. word-image-4723 This year’s Global Arena challenge will also feature a Global Arena challenge, where participants will unlock rewards on Saturday that will affect other players for the remaining hour. This makes the challenges feel shorter but immediately rewarding, which could allow the event to stand on its own and avoid another clash between Dragon and Dayno. The second day is not only a catch-up day, but also a substitute day. Players will get up to 10 free raid passes if they can get out or live near the gyms, but there will be three distance raid pass packs plusopportunities to earn eight more. Basically, this means that players who leave home get twice as many chances to loot as those who stay home. We asked PR if the COVID changes that would remain would be cancelled, as this could have serious consequences for players who do not leave the game, but as usual we were told that they had nothing to say at this time. Yet this event seems to prepare people for other encounters in public space. Incense sticks will once again play an important role in eventsand, with exclusive Pokémon spawning from them, including the brilliant unknowns F and G, and lures will once again be active for three hours. It could be a compromise of sorts, as countries like the US and UK have good vaccination rates, while in Japan at the time of writing only 4% of the population has been vaccinated. For many players this can be an excuse to go out, others feel safer at home. Incense and ace differences seem like a good way to compensate for this, but as usual, long-range incursion passes that aren’t long-range seem like the kind of thing that should only be spent on long-range incursion passes because they’re a more flexible option. The event also offers a bonus of 10,000 XP points for completing raids, printables for house parties, real items to buy, and more. We don’t have details on the raid’s Pokémon, house supplies, additional storage, or other potential concerns from players, as Niantic didn’t want to share details. Finally, in otherPokemonnews, the JapanesePokemon Legends Arceussite says the game is single-player. While the US website doesn’t include that reference, PR staff told us that Nintendo’s product page also indicates that it’s a single-player game, but representatives wouldn’t say whether a future announcement might expand on that detail with, say, DLC. We also don’t know if the game will be connected to Pokemon HOME, which will allowPOGO’mon to help you, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more. In the new update, you can check the butts of pokéballs. Andrew Ross ofMassively OP is a recognized Pokemon geek and ARG expert. Nobody knows Niantic and Nintendo like he does! In his column Massively on the Go, he talks about Pokemon Go, but also other mobile MMOs and augmented reality games! word-image-12924 View

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