The latest edition of the best-selling Empire Building game, marks a milestone for both players and developers. Bringing new challenges with it is just part of what makes this release so special. Let’s take a look at how International Vanguard Edition will change the industry!

The “myth of empires” is a standalone International Vanguard Edition for the game Myth: The Fallen Lords. The game is officially launching today, and it comes with a new campaign, new units, and more.

Myth of Empires’ standalone International Vanguard Edition officially launches


Legal wrangling aside, publisher Imperium Interactive Entertainment Limited and developer Angela Game have relaunched its survival sandbox Myth of Empires. The game’s standalone International Vanguard Edition was launched earlier this week, as expected, at a discounted price of $21 for a single copy or $57 for a three-pack.

As previously said, this new relaunch includes a new cloak, a new fish pond structure, among other high-quality structures, war elephant mounts, and a new “balanced” Skirmish mode. In addition, players who participate in the launch will get double XP during the weekend and a free gift box including in-game cash and XP goods.

Of course, all of this is in violation of a Steam takedown prompted by Snail Games’ use of a copyright infringement allegation against creator Angela Game. We’ve been following the story for a few months and have compiled a list of everything we’ve learned so far.

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