Wow Insider has played World of Warcraft for nearly six years now. As you can imagine, we play it a lot. We play it when we are sick, we play it when we are bored, we play it when we are lying in bed at night, we play it when we are hanging out in the afternoon. And when we are hanging out in the afternoon, we are in chat.

WoW players have been waiting for the next content patch to be released, but it appears that because of a whole lot of things going on, World of Warcraft may finally get its next expansion. Blizzard’s announcement of the new WoW expansion today has been met with a good reception, especially since it came a day late and a dollar short.

For all the talk about World of Warcraft’s dominance in the MMO market, it still sits at the bottom of this week’s list. In last week’s article, WoW was named the top MMO by profit margins, but it seems Blizzard’s blockbuster isn’t quite as big of a cash cow as Blizzard would have us believe. While the numbers aren’t bad, the truth is that WoW has been a dying breed in the MMO market for a while now. There’s a reason Call of Duty’s annual sales have been growing for a decade, while a game that’s been on a decade-long development cycle is being outsold by a Call of Duty spin-off.


I remember being shocked a few years ago when I learned that MMO studio reps were scurrying around the internet scrubbing files that contradicted their ownership claims during the Daybreak Columbus Nova fiasco, but that was child’s play compared to this week’s revelation that state investigators have accused Activision-Blizzard of literally shredding evidence. We are living in fascinating times. And, hey, everyone now understands the term spoliation.

Meanwhile, Blizzard has stated that McCree’s name would be removed from the game, Pearl Abyss has degraded DokeV’s MMO status, Guild Wars 2 has disclosed that it has 16 million users, and Daybreak’s CEO has taken over as CEO of EG7.

Finally, if you’re wondering whether World of Warcraft is in danger, consider the fact that Blizzard is finally giving gamers what they’ve been asking for in a move that seems to be a day late and a dollar short, as my father would say.

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world-of-warcraft-argus-75x75 California lawsuit now alleges Activision-Blizzard HR literally ‘shredded’ evidence – So who had “Activision-Blizzard gets caught shredding possible evidence in an ongoing lawsuit” on the ol’ Blizzard scandal bingo card? Yes, we’re back to coverage of the ongoing disaster trainwreck… wow-fishadowlands-1-epl-1126-75x75 World of Warcraft patch 9.1.5 removes conduit energy and finally makes covenants freely swappable – We have previously noted that the overall design philosophy for World of Warcraft patch 9.1.5 appears to be focused on things that players have been asking to receive for quite some… overwatch-2-75x75 Blizzard is changing the name of Overwatch’s character McCree – Over the course of the last month of the Activision-Blizzard sexual harassment and discrimination scandal, players have wondered aloud whether Blizzard would do anything to address the fact that one… dokev--75x75 Pearl Abyss downgraded DokeV from an MMORPG to ‘open-world action adventure’ – Back in 2019, Pearl Abyss announced a slew of new MMOs, including Crimson Desert, Plan 8, and DokeV, the last of which was being called a “collectible MMORPG for all… bookoftravels3_-75x75 Book of Travels has delayed its early access launch for the fourth time – Ah dangit, there goes our other August launch: Might and Delight has delayed Book of Travels for the fourth time. MOP readers will remember that the game was crowdfunded back in… guildwars2-h_-75x75 Guild Wars 2 counts 16M accounts, drops fall roadmap, teases End of Dragons fishing and skiffs – Remember how excited everyone was to get the Guild Wars 2 summer roadmap out of ArenaNet earlier this year? Prepare to get excited all over again because as of this… daybreaklogo-75x75 Daybreak CEO Ji Ham takes over as Enad Global 7’s acting CEO – It has not even been a year since EG7 Global acquired Daybreak Game Company for $300 million, and now the parent corporation is promoting one of Daybreak’s leaders to its… elyon-gunner-gunning-75x75 Vague Patch Notes: Why the depth of an MMORPG’s world matters – The world doesn’t need first impressions from me when it comes to Elyon. Why not? Well, for one thing, basically anything and everything I would have said about my impressions of the… eqn-elves-epl-508-75x75 The Game Archaeologist: Jeff Butler on EverQuest, EverQuest Next, and Vanguard – As an MMO historian, I have to applaud the work of former SOE developer Shawn Lord in his huge interview series with the people who worked on these titles. A… new-world-1-75x75 New World tells of the sad history of its zombies and phantasms – “Not alive. Certainly not dead. Their existence is a constant agony.” No, we’re not talking about Waffle House employees here, but rather the Lost of New World. In a new… fallout-76-power-patrol-maybe-75x75 Fallout 76 project lead Jeff Gardiner has departed Bethesda – The launch of Fallout 76 was pretty rocky, but over time the title has managed to turn around its reputation and receive at least tacit approval from players along the way.… wow-sale-75x75 Overwatch’s McCree isn’t the only Blizzard character getting a rename – Yesterday, we reported on Blizzard’s announcement that it’ll be changing the name of Overwatch’s character McCree, who was named after Jesse McCree, one of the developers removed from the studio… OVR_Presskit_SummerGames2021_005-75x75 Massively Overthinking: The worst chat in the MMORPG genre – The first rule of MMORPGs is turn off global chat. Think about that for a sec. This is a genre that is expressly multiplayer and social, where one of the… fortnite-mlk-75x75 Fortnite hosts in-game Martin Luther King Jr. exhibit, doubles down on Impostors Trials – This might be one of the weirder but more important online gaming promotions we’ve seen all year: Fortnite is collaborating with TIME Studios for an “interactive experience” in the game… guildwars2-3-75x75 Guild Wars 2 sets Festival of the Four Winds for next week as players grump over anniversary sales and birthday gifts – Earlier this week, just ahead of the game’s ninth anniversary, Guild Wars 2 dropped a fresh roadmap to get us through the fall. Your eyeballs were probably busy looking for… into-the-echo-it-takes-a-village-75x75 Into the Echo is a new MMORPG with an emphasis on character individuality – When it comes to most MMORPGs, there will very often be a build meta — a largely agreed upon “best” way to put together a class through very specific equipment… phantasy-star-online-2-gets-fantasy-75x75 Don’t panic, but yes, Phantasy Star Online 2 added sunset provisions to its TOS – You might have noticed that this week’s Phantasy Star Online 2 update came with a change to the end user license agreement. SEGA noted that it added a section for… gamescom-75x75 Gamescom 2021: New World open beta Sept. 9, plus DokeV, Valheim, Halo Infinite, Riders Republic news – [We’re updating with the highlights below, including the New World info!] Gamescom 2021 is officially kicking off today as a free virtual event as the pandemic drags on. The Geoff Keighley-helmed… p10-nostay-epl-608-75x75 Perfect Ten: 10 MMOs that waved goodbye without ever making it to launch – If you’ve somehow missed this fact, then I hate to be the one to inform you of it, but it’s time you learned: MMOs shut down. Yes, sometimes even beloved… Screenshot-2021-08-25-074220-1-75x75 World of Warships apologizes for issuing promo code that personally attacked a content creator – Even while under the public microscope for aggressive and possibly predatory monetization schemes and the near-collapse of its influencer program, Wargaming is making few moves to quietly slink out of… aliens-75x75 Multiplayer co-op shooter Aliens Fireteam Elite officially launches – It’s been a very weird and winding road to get to this point, but Cold Iron Studios’ long-teased co-op shooter Aliens: Fireteam Elite has now officially launched, arriving as a… cma-header-trove-flowersplosion-75x75 Choose My Adventure: A quick spot of building and crafting in Trove – I have to admit, this one didn’t take long at all to get through. I sort of assumed that building things in Trove was a generally simple affair, owing to… lotro-1-1-75x75 LOTRO Legendarium: Ranking LOTRO’s Rhovanion zones from worst to best – A while back, I amused myself by ranking all of the Eriador zones in Lord of the Rings Online. It was a fun exercise and one that I wanted to… FoK_WillBender_Uppercut-75x75 Fight or Kite: How Guild Wars 2’s Harbinger, Willbender, and Virtuoso stack up in PvP – Guild Wars 2 has always been my go-to home for MMOs. There’s just so much the studio did right when designing the game. But over the last few years, my… shadows-kiss-vamparinos-75x75 Vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss shows off upcoming Steam page and confirms soft launch date revisions – Do you remember Shadow’s Kiss? If you don’t, just know that it’s a mature horror-themed vampire MMO that we first started covering in 2016, when it first arrived on Patreon… ffxiv-won-patch44notes-epl-917-75x75 Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s cash shop and the existential horror of monetization – The fact that there’s a cash shop in Final Fantasy XIV is something that is absolutely impossible to discuss in a value-neutral fashion. Simply mentioning it is going to inspire… elderscrollsesowakingflame5-1-75x75 Elder Scrolls Online’s Waking Flame DLC and update 31 are live on PC, Mac, and Stadia – [AL:ESO]Dungeoneers, Elder Scrolls Online’s latest DLC is yours for the buying, as Waking Flame is live on PC, Mac, and Stadia for 1500 crowns or free with your sub. As… copernicus-38studios-75x75 Former developers of 38 Studios are receiving a portion of their final paychecks after a nine year wait – The long, sad story of Curt Schilling’s defunct 38 Studios has written its final chapter, and much like the entire history of the game studio, it ends in disappointment. The…


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