You’re probably surprised to hear that MMOs are back. The genre, which grew up on the tail end of the console era, has been on an ugly downward spiral over the past several years. The genre’s annual MMO releases have been all but non-existent since 2013, with only two total titles (Destiny Rise of Iron and Star Wars: The Old Republic) coming out in 2016 alone. That’s not counting the handful of high-profile multiplayer releases that failed to make it to market, like The Division, Destiny 2, and The Old Republic 2.

With the release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, MMOs are back in the news. High level players complained they couldn’t solo a boss and then had their account banned because they were too powerful. In addition, some console MMOs like Star Wars: The Old Republic saw a significant decrease in subscribers, while others like Guild Wars 2 saw a boost. One thing is certain: MOBAs are a hot topic.

Winter has finally arrived! The fall and winter months are the best time to play MMOs since the cold weather makes it easier to focus on the game. The MMOs that have been on the main stage during the fall and winter months include: The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.. Read more about mmorpg releases 2021 and let us know what you think.

word-image-8066 I don’t know about you, friends, but I feel like I’ve been struggling to keep up with MMO news this past week. It’s very hard to convince ourselves that MMOs have problems when we look at ESO Blackwood, PSO2 New Genesis, Lost Ark, Crowfall, Elyon, Albion Online, LOTRO Update 30, and Aion Classic – even if it’s all a bit of a letdown. E3 and the events surrounding it also bring a lot of information, including the release date for Diablo II Resurrected, early access plans for Book of Travels, the Sea of Thieves collaboration, and the next two DLCs for Elder Scrolls Online. Today, as every Sunday, read Massively Overpowered’s weekly review for the best MMO news and opinions of the week!


MOP’s quick and dirty guide to finding the perfect MMORPG for your taste – Probably one of the most frequently asked questions here at Massively OP and in various MMORPG discussions elsewhere is simple: Which MMO should I play? We have no… E3 2021 : Diablo II Resurrected will be released after the open beta test on the 23rd. September release; pre-orders available now – We knew Blizzard was working on Diablo II : Resurrected after the big reveal at BlizzConline, it wasn’t a done deal at launch. Now we know: About… E3 2021 : Elder Scrolls Online announces Waking Flame and Deadlands, Fallout 76 plans Steel Reign and The Pitt – There was news for MMO players at Xbox-plus-Bethsoft’s E3, if you can tear your eyes away from Starfield long enough to see it! First, the oldest… E3 2021 : Sea of Thieves launches its third season with a Pirates of the Caribbean co-op game – I can’t be the only one observing the lack of content in Sea of Thieves lately and wondering what the hell Rare is doing there. Turns out it was… PSO2 New Genesis struggles with server lag and player dissatisfaction after launch – What was your time like in Phantasy Star Online 2: Was there a new Genesis? I personally had a lot of fun, but I also encountered a lot of backlog….. The small MMO Book of Travels will be released on the 9th. August in early access with a zero chapter – Here’s an exciting announcement for MMO fans this weekend: Book of Travels has just announced that it will launch on the 9th. Released in August in early access, which makes it even harder to choose this game…. Secret World Legends community holds fourth anniversary events – While Funcom seems to be doing the bare minimum to keep the lights on in Secret World Legends, it’s a sad commentary on the state of the game that it… Lost Ark’s technical alpha turned into a technical mess, but it’s back on track – we’re still trying to realize that Lost Ark will actually be released in the West this fall. However, if the current state of alpha…. Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance is coming out with a co-op heist game later this month – Old-school gamers may remember the name Dark Alliance, as they were two console RPGs released in the early 2000s. Now the name… Warhammer Eternal Crusade finishes in 10th place. September – Who remembers Warhammer Eternal Crusade? I completely forgot. Last time we looked, it was in 2018 and she was already a question….. New World’s Summer Game Fest video focuses on player feedback, content and pay-to-play – As part of this week’s Summer Game Fest, Amazon’s New World team unveiled an in-depth look at the game with a new video that dives into the history of the game…. Fallout 76 ends Nuclear Winter mode and offers a free trial – While the end of Nuclear Winter mode may be a good thing, it will disappoint some die-hard Fallout 76 fans. That’s because Bethesda just… Elyon’s second closed beta test is scheduled for August – Did you miss Elyon’s first closed beta test last May? You have one last chance to try this fantastic MMO before its final release. ….. I think too much: Disgusting MMO Launch Experience – The launch of Elite Dangerous Odyssey was a stark reminder that not all launches and launch experiences are created equal. According to some players, Odyssey is… Crowfall lowers price and unveils additional VIP subscription – Ahead of Crowfall’s July launch, ArtCraft announces a reduction in the game’s price and unveils its full subscription plan. Crowfall introduces innovative VIP membership and reduces… Four winds: Everything you need to know about Amazon’s The Lost Ark – Raise your hand if you’re looking forward to the release of The Lost Ark. And now, give it a high five, because as announced today, it will finally be available in the West under… Lost Ark launches this fall as a free-to-play game published by Amazon; Founder’s Packs available now – This news comes as no surprise to anyone who has seen Lost Ark make its way around the world in recent years, and who has noticed Amazon’s quiet partnership with Smilegate in the past…. Neverwinter developers explain why they’re reducing the entire game to level 20 – The pace of Neverwinter releases and announcements in recent weeks has been confusing, to say the least. Now that the last Sharandar has walked through the door, at least for… The tiller and the rudder: Elite Dangerous Odyssey launch impressions – At 3. June 2020 Frontier Developments made an announcement that brought hope of new features for fans of the Elite franchise. After decades in the cockpit of various… Palia devs say pre-alpha comes under NDA, don’t talk monetization, but rule out crowdfunding for now – In this week’s podcast, Justin, Carlo and I discussed how to say Palia. The developers of Singularity 6 have solved this problem: It’s called PAY-lee-ah. This is only part of the information….. Kickstarter VR MMORPG Ilysia launches closed alpha 1 – It took a while, but the first part of Ilysia’s closed alpha is finally available to backers. MMO players will remember that it was the second most successful… Aion Classic is also coming to the West, launching in America on the 23rd. June – [AL:Aion]We’ve been paying attention to the overseas release of Aion Classic for a while now, as well as hints and clues NCsoft is making for the western gaming audience, but today… Perfect ten: 10 prison MMOs where you can have the time of your life – Chillin’ in the clink. Spending time in rocky solitude. Thrown in the dungeon. The inscription is in the big house. Make (ideally) 10 for life in the pit. The strings control the… Phantasy Star Online 2: The new Genesis officially kicked in today – Fairy Tale Day has arrived: Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis launches worldwide today as planned. Last year, the base game was released in the West after nearly… Albion Online is officially out today on mobile devices – check out the hilarious trailer! – When I got up today, my phone sent me a very important message: Albion Online is installed; you have previously registered for this application and it is now installed on your device….. Choose my adventure: Star Wars Galaxies Legacy Quest is so boring – level 22. It was an arbitrary barrier between me and wearing armor in Star Wars Galaxies. Not level 10. Not level 15. Not level 20. Not even a foreign number… A casual classic: The vanilla era of WoW Classic is over, and I won’t miss it – With the launch of World of Warcraft Classic’s Burning Crusade last week, the door has (largely) closed on what is now known as the classic era – or what… Black Desert teases a new tide and introduces a crossover with Bugatti on all platforms – *WHOCK! VOC! Oh, ignore that sound, it’s the sound Black Desert makes when they try to fit a square Bugatti into the round hole of their game world….. Neverwinter’s Hideous Trial, the final part of Sharandar’s story, releases today – [AL:NW]Patch Day for Neverwinter is finally here: The Odious Court, the third and final installment in the Charandary game series, is released today on multiple PC platforms. In this new episode… The flame seeker chronicles: The three best ways Guild Wars 2 could have ended the Icebreaker saga – It’s easy to criticize a game when it disappoints us. In some ways, it’s just as easy to fall into the trap of finding flaws in… Elder Scrolls Online’s Blackwood Chapter launches on consoles today – here’s the new trailer – While PC, Mac and Stadia fans are already immersed in Elder Scrolls Online’s Blackwood Chapter, console fans only get their first chance today, as the chapter… Update 30 LOTRO is out with a new raid, a new area and a new storyline – do us a favor, will you? Wake your hobbit neighbors up from their food coma and tell them that Lord of the Rings Online just released its latest adventure….. World War II Online turns 20, a replacement is in the works, a Steam launch and conversion to UE4 are planned – Cornered Rat Software’s MMO World War II Online is 20 years old, but it’s still in development, and to get through the next 20 years, the team has… Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida sees World of Warcraft as a mentor for the game’s relaunch – If you want to know how much respect Final Fantasy XIV director and producer Naoki Yoshida has for World of Warcraft, a recent interview with him gives a… Nym’s wisdom: Speculation about Final Fantasy XIV Sage mechanics is premature – Here’s what we know about Final Fantasy XIV Sage so far: He’ll be a healer. Specifically, this will be a barrier healer in the triage of all… Not so massive: Iron Harvest’s Operation Eagle expansion gets underway – Preparing for the release of Iron Harvest’s first 1920 expansion has been an emotional roller coaster for me (if you can even apply that term to anything). ….. word-image-8067 word-image-8068 word-image-8069 word-image-8070 word-image-8071 word-image-8072 word-image-8073 word-image-8074 word-image-8075 word-image-8076 word-image-8077 word-image-8078 word-image-8079 word-image-8080 word-image-8081 word-image-8082 word-image-8083 word-image-8084 word-image-8085 word-image-8086 word-image-2824 word-image-8087 word-image-8088 word-image-8089 word-image-8090 word-image-8091 word-image-8092 word-image-8093 word-image-8094 word-image-8095 word-image-8096 word-image-8097 word-image-8098 word-image-8099 word-image-8100 word-image-8101


Check out our weekly MMO Weekly Roundup for the latest news in the MMO genre and the best content from Massively OP! Would you like a wider choice of materials? Try Betawatch on Friday for more on MMO testing, Make My MMO on Saturday for more on MMO crowdfunding, and The MOP Up on Sunday for a rundown of all the news we haven’t covered elsewhere yet. word-image-8102 ViewI have to say, I’m really surprised by how much people are into MMOs these days. There has been a resurgence in interest in the genre, with an influx of new MMOs, and a lot of them are fantastic. With all that being said, it does seem that the genre is starting to stagnate, which is a shame.. Read more about new mmo 2021 and let us know what you think.

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