As the official baseball simulation game of MLB, The Show continues its storied history of providing pure baseball bliss, with all the same modes fans have come to expect. League play in Franchise mode, Road to the Show, and the new Diamond Dynasty all return, but this year introduces a new mode called Live Events. This unique new mode lets you take on unique challenges with a smaller time commitment than a full league with the chance to unlock a rare reward for each challenge.

The always great MLB The Show series has been around for over a decade now, and it just keeps getting better. As one of the best baseball games to ever come out, many are eagerly anticipating what developer Sony San Diego has in store for the next iteration. The good news is that the team has not rested on its laurels and has made some very exciting improvements. The game’s graphics, which have always been top notch, will be getting some upgrades, which is good news for fans who like to see realistic depictions of their favorite ballplayers.

The Show has been the MLB’s official video game series since it was first released in 2006. Released March 26, it is now available for your PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.   The Show is now under the full control of Sony, which acquired the MLB license from previous franchise developer 989 Sports before last season.   Brand-new commentary is provided by Dan Shulman and John Kruk, both of whom have been with the franchise since its inception.

The story of Mark Prior’s career is filled with incredible highs, devastating lows, comparisons to Tom Seaver, USC folklore, hypothetical scenarios, etc. It’s weird to think back on Pryor’s career now because it technically only lasted five seasons in the MLB, but I feel like so much happened and things went in so many different directions. Did many people say the mechanism was perfect, or was this used as an afterthought? Would he have had as many injury problems if someone other than Dusty Baker had become manager of the Cubs in 2003? It’s hard to answer questions like this, and you’re probably also wondering what this has to do with The Show 21’s MLB review. Like Pryor’s career, it sometimes feels like Shaw is at a crossroads this year. The pedigree of The Show is almost unmatched in sports games, but the expectations for this season were enormous. The show goes to the next level. The show will be multiplatform. The Show was our sports game of the year in 2020. The pedigree is there, and this franchise still has all the potential in the world. But while Shaw still has nothing but potential, it’s hard to deny that this will likely be the first hand injury in the series in many years. It’s not enough to call into question the series’ long-term prospects. There are growing pains here though as The Show struggles to get used to its new superstar as a cross-platform seller of the system used as a selling point for Xbox Game Pass. The question will be whether 21 is just an SDS that got a little messed up by Dusty Bakers due to the combination of covidia, next-gen crunch and cross-platform stress, or whether the mechanics of the series aren’t as perfect as we all thought after all? That said, SDS has created a baseball game that is as realistic on the field as ever. While some modes remain stuck in the neutral – or even go the other way in some respects – most sports fans will find something to get excited about here. (Editor’s note: our reviews of the biggest sports games can never cover everything at once. Sometimes we try to explain to outsiders that people don’t really understand how deep sports games are at the moment. Even if you play them often, you’ll never become an expert in every game type or know all the subtleties and nuances like you do with most other games. We do have a community guide/startup to address some of the general public sentiments here on OS, but we prefer our reviews to focus on the experience of the individual reviewer. Over the next few days and weeks, we’ll delve into the various modes and aspects of The Show and report back. In short, if you think we missed your favorite topic or something obvious in this review, no big deal. But no review can ever cover everything).

What I like – MLB The Show 21Review



The first thing I like to do every year on the new MLB The Show is play against the CPU without pressing a single button, so I don’t miss a pitch between pitches. This year, it’s just amazing to see all the little details that perfectly capture the quiet rhythm of the day at the stadium. Baseball has its share of exciting moments, but they become even more special when there is routine in between. There are so many of these little everyday moments in the game. Everything from the pitcher looking at the umpire after the ball is thrown to him, to the linesman calmly throwing the ball away after an out, to the special ritual the batter performs after leaving the batter’s box after each pitch. In fact, there are so many little nuances here that it’s a little frustrating not to see every time the catcher puts the ball back to the post, or the kind of obvious things that would make the game pure baseball if you never pressed the buttons to miss anything. word-image-3978 Shaw’s way of broadcasting makes every game feel more and more like a home game. Slow motion is ready to be used for the most spectacular players, and the accompanying cuts, close-ups and wide shots underline the precision of the rendering of all real stadiums. The players themselves are also very similar to their real-life counterparts (there are a lot more facial scans this year), and their models are large and detailed enough that you can easily recognize them by their looks and movements. People who play this game every year will probably notice more similarities to the previous year’s game than differences (that’s just how it goes with an annual sports outing), but you’ll probably also notice all sorts of new animations and presentation features as you play a few games. Of course, it’s a little disappointing that online comparisons have shown that there’s not really a difference between the current and next generation in terms of graphics. But I can hardly complain about it when everything looks good anyway and all the action happens at an incredible 60 frames per second. There’s still a lot of room for improvement here, and it’ll be interesting to see how SDS uses the power of next-gen consoles and fully integrates them into future releases when they have more time to develop them. word-image-3979

Scoop of the stage

It’s nice to see that SDS is finally allowing you to create custom stadiums in MLB The Show 21 – even though this creative feature is only available on next-gen consoles. The process is pretty intuitive and includes a helpful explanation from Coach (the show’s favorite mascot) on how to master all the basics. There are many options, and you will feel an undeniable excitement when you visit a park with z. B. a guitar-shaped bulletin board with a brontosaurus underneath. It’s even more special when you hit a home run in an online game that’s near that dinosaur. I’m sure there will be many creations in the community, both amazing and terrible, and I look forward to seeing them all. I understand the complaints about a separate budget for each stadium, but since it’s not possible to have absolutely every prop imaginable in one stadium, it seems like a logical design decision. As to be expected from a feature that has only been in use for a year, there are a few things that could be refined to make the whole process a little easier. It is often difficult to select certain accessories by hovering over them with the mouse, which can quickly lead to frustration. When you switch from basic edit mode (which ensures that your park is ready for online use) to professional edit mode, it can be difficult to know what changes you made in professional edit mode that made the park unplayable online (hint: these are usually walls that were not pre-installed). It’s also unfortunate that the stadiums created can’t hold night games (or use domes), making it seem like the sun never sets no matter where your park is. It also eliminates all the lighting system accessories that you might use in a stadium design, because they will never be used anyway. There is also no discussion forum and the Stadium Creator Vault is not searchable, which makes finding specific parks much more difficult. Finally, Stadium Builder still needs to be moderated by SDS/Sony/Microsoft, as there are some racist and/or inappropriate stadiums that need to be removed from the game. word-image-3980

Diamond Dynasty

It was already the best card collection mode in a sports game, and Diamond Dynasty is even better in MLB The Show 21. Based on a model that allows you to build a high quality team through play, rather than forcing you to spend real money to get elite cards, the game mode offers an impressive number of gameplay options. There’s an emphasis on that this year, because whether you prefer to play online or offline against the CPU, the game seems to be fair, as it has been in recent years, and doesn’t favor one over the other. Also, being able to win every card in practice is a great change of pace. There are a few new additions this year: Daily moments with solid rewards for regular attendance. In addition, the emphasis has shifted to training programs and the SDS has removed the long-term objectives of XP. So far I like this system because it helps me focus better and the rewards still seem to be interesting. Additionally, there are more and more programs in which the ROE and ranking seasons have a more event-driven structure, with goals tied solely to wins and stats. Even Conquest looks better from the start, as there are multiple maps to conquer, and even a reason to replay certain maps for extra rewards.

Power supply to point

word-image-3981 This year, MLB The Show 21 includes a new mechanism for pitchers that is long overdue. He was a pitcher for a long time, but he quickly became my new favorite hitter on the mound. This is probably not only because of the fun aspect of the new mechanics, but also because counterthrowing has become rather annoying over the years. When pitching accurately, like in the MLB 2K series, you move the analog stick in different directions depending on the pitch you’re trying to make. A fastball, of course, only involves a straight up and down motion (though it can be difficult to get the timing right), whereas other pitches like sliders and changeups require more complex circular motions for positioning and control. While it takes some time to get used to it and learn exactly what you need to do to execute each throw correctly (the advanced training mode is a lifesaver in this regard), it’s nice to finally get to the point where I can perform the correct movements on a regular basis. Now I have discovered that I can get into a rut that is at least somewhat similar to how a real pitcher might get into a rut. It almost feels like it was designed as a perfect combination of counter (timing) and analog control (with the stick), making you feel like you’re doing more to determine where each throw is hit.

Types of game

This may not be the biggest problem for some players, but introducing different play styles to differentiate between casual, competitive and simulation styles (similar to Madden) is a good way to decide if user skills or different player attributes should be prioritized. At least in theory, this should reduce the amount of RNG in the online game and allow those who prefer a more realistic franchise game to rely more on player skill.

What I don’t like – MLB The Show 21Review


Route to exhibition

The Road to the Show mode has always had problems in my opinion, so it probably should have been updated. But what the SDS decided to do only made things worse. By introducing a new system that limits you to a single player (although you can make other versions of him in different saves) and initially focusing on becoming a two-way player like Shohei Ohtani, RttS became restrictive and confusing and, at least initially, just doesn’t work well. In theory, there’s some appeal in the fact that you can now integrate the player you create in RttS into Diamond Dynasty (if you like playing both game types), but the way you use archetypes and specific abilities to create different loads that you use depending on whether you’re playing on the hill or in the field that day becomes a contradiction in the whole point of a two-way player. The idea that you can use different loads depending on the position makes it feel like you’re developing an unrealistic split personality of a baseball player. You can hit hard and run on days you play center field, but once you get on the field, you have to give up all those skills to internalize your pitching image. On top of that, there’s a progression system where you collect stats like appearances and at-bats for hitters and pitches and at-bats for pitchers, and that doesn’t work for many, like me, right now. While the necessary stats are kept in the games, none of them count towards progression, turning the entire mode into a time trap as nothing you do matters. A patch should fix this as soon as possible (in fact, it looks like SDS is already working on it), as this is a bug that breaks the game to the limit. Finally, since archetypes don’t work anymore and it’s impossible to use custom cursors without losing any chance of XP, the system seems cramped. For quick bonuses, the best place to go is Diamond Dynasty. SDS says it didn’t intend to steer people towards a particular mode – and that would probably be true if the archetypes weren’t bugs – but steering people towards DD is still the end result at this point. Again: I think Diamond Dynasty is the rule, but that doesn’t mean I want to feel obligated to use my baseball player there to develop my attributes. word-image-3983

Franchise mode

Look, I’m not going to repeat this thread. SDS openly stated that this year’s focus was on Franchise mode, so we had all been counting before we even played the game. The transferable savings are gone and what has replaced them is not a good substitute, whereas the selling point of this franchise mode was the long-term relationship many of us had with our franchisees. The savings that were siphoned off made it easier to see the shortcomings of the system, and now they are gone. I should also note that Sounds of the Show and Roster Vault are now very unstable on different platforms (not to mention that list creators have to start all over again on next-gen consoles). All in all, it’s frustrating that the things that put the franchise on the map are now in a worse position than last year. If you’ve never played The Show, the Franchise mode has plenty to offer, but veterans won’t be thrilled with what’s in it. Although business justification has been presented as an area of increased interest, it seems questionable at best.

User federations

word-image-3984 I was hoping that the custom league, which was built into the game last year, would become a full online franchise feature, not just a seasonal one. Instead, the game type has returned virtually unchanged since MLB The Show 20. I find this very frustrating, especially considering this can’t be a next-gen feature. Given the size of NBA 2K and even Madden’s online franchises right now, there’s no excuse why this shouldn’t be a part of such a well-known sports franchise. His absence now prevents the series from offering everything you’d expect from a baseball game.


This is more of a criticism than anything else, but the comments are so bland and repetitive that I don’t feel like listening to them again after playing last week. Fortunately, you can always disable this feature in the options menu and listen to the stadium sounds (or add your own commentary at home if you feel like it). Still, it would be nice to see the commentary team bring more ideas and variety to what they say as the game progresses.


word-image-3985 Every year it seems like MLB The Show can claim the title of best sports game of the year, and I think that will be the case this year as well. At the very least, it remains the most accessible and realistic of all possible, if only because you rarely have to worry about the artificial intelligence of other players, as you do in other team games. In other words: In general, you have to take responsibility for your success or failure. However, MLB The Show 21 did not make the big leap I was hoping for as far as the next generation is concerned. Road to the Show has become a mess in its current state. And still missing is the online franchise mode that should be there. But all that disappears from my mind as I sit in the game and become fully absorbed in all the ways Shaw portrays and celebrates the intricacies and atmosphere of baseball on and off the field. MLB The Show 21 will still satisfy most baseball fans in at least one aspect, and I still think it’s entertaining enough to attract new fans at a time when baseball could use a few. But when you can’t ignore a prospect, expectations are always high, and this year Shaw hasn’t always lived up to those expectations.

Associated companies

The MLB The Show series has had an interesting history on the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4, but with its latest release, The Show 21, its starting to look a lot like the MLB The Show series of old. It seems there was a lot the Sony San Diego development team wanted to fix with the previous version, MLB The Show 20, which was an incremental upgrade on the franchise. There were also a lot of fan-requested features that have been added this year. It will be interesting to see how The Show 21 performs on the market compared to last year’s MLB The Show 20.. Read more about rbi baseball 20 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MLB The Show 21 a good game?

The MLB is back on Sony’s PlayStation consoles, and while it certainly hasn’t expanded on its last-gen formula, there are a few new highlights in the series. The most conspicuous change is the overhauled Road to the Show career mode.  Now, you can increase your player’s stats by completing an assortment of optional objectives, such as getting hits in different parts of the field or hitting the ball with different parts of the bat. And, by accomplishing these goals, you can level up and unlock new skills, ultimately helping you create the player you want. “The Show” is now in it’s 21st year and the game is better than ever. The graphics of this years game are stunning, and the gameplay is very realistic. However, there are some flaws in this years game that might prevent you from staying loyal to it.

Will you be able to play MLB The Show 21 on PS4?

The majority of gamers who play sports video games prefer the PS4, but Sony has not released information regarding whether or not MLB The Show 21 will be available for the PS4. If you don’t have a PS4, you can still play the game on the previous generation of Sony consoles, since MLB The Show 20 is available for the PS3 and PS4. This year’s edition of Sony’s baseball sim is a stupendously deep and rewarding video game, and it will be exciting to see if Sony can keep its streak of excellence going next year. If you’re an Xbox One owner, you may be wondering if you’ll be able to enjoy the coming year’s edition of MLB The Show. Fortunately, the answer is yes.

What is new in MLB The Show 21?

With MLB The Show 21 out on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One, many gamers are wondering what exactly is new in this edition of the game. The first thing you’ll notice is the new presentation, with more than double the amount of commentary featured in previous installations of the game. This new commentary package is a more natural sound, as well as a more authentic game-day experience. As usual, MLB The Show has brought a number of upgrades that are sure to delight fans of the series. First and foremost, the batting and pitching controls have been improved, making it easier than ever to dial in the perfect swing or pitch. The batting controls are now divided into left and right swings, which makes timing easier thanks to the visual feedback. And the pitching control scheme has been similarly split into a left and right grip, which allows you to tweak the release point of the ball independently of the location of the pitch.

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