The battle for the throne of Chaos has begun as Lost Ark’s first official PvP mode heads to Steam today, making it possible for players around the globe to prove their skill in King vs. King combat with a fresh new twist on classic MOBA gameplay.

Lost Ark’s Battle for the Throne of Chaos goes live this afternoon as planned


The release of Lost Ark’s Battle for the Throne of Chaos narrowly escaped a delay last night as Amazon discovered some “critical issues” that would’ve required a postponement. Lucky for us, Amazon said it was “able to quickly identify and resolve the issue,” so here we are and BFTTOC – seriously, Battle for the Throne of Chaos is too long! – is launching early this afternoon, around noon EDT.

While you wait for the server to come back up, you can read the patch notes, which don’t include any shocks if you’ve been following the patch’s development and revelation thus far: The Glaivier advanced class, a brand-new T3 location in the shape of South Vern, the Feiton powerpass, the express mission event, more character slots, a better co-op map option, and much more are all on the way.

“After finishing Feiton’s main narrative quest “Will” during the event time, players will earn a Feiton Powerpass, or if you’ve already completed the quest before the update, you’ll receive the Powerpass when the event begins!” Once you’ve finished the plot across that continent, you’ll be able to use the Feiton Powerpass to bring an alternative character to that point in the game, much like the Vern Powerpasses accessible to players in the initial version of Lost Ark. You’ll get level 960 gear if you buy a Feiton Powerpass. This is a Powerpass for an event that will expire on June 30.”


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