Lost Ark is hoping to offer a different experience for players who find it difficult to get into games, by offering an accessible MMOFPS. The game will offer features such as server and client load balancing on a global scale. With the release of Lost Ark in just 2 days, over 100K people are already signed up for their beta test event

Lost Ark is a free-to-play action RPG that promises to manage server limits and queues as over 1M players arrive for the launch. The game also has an early access period which will end on January 12th.

Lost Ark promises to manage server limits and queues as over 1M players arrive for free-to-play launch


The free-to-play debut of Lost Ark was an understandably rough journey, with a multi-hour delay, server takedowns to investigate missing characters, and management of server queues and server load, as those who have been following along well know. Many players have complained about the last one, since servers that have surpassed their capacity would not allow new characters to be created on them.

Amazon Games has issued another update on the subject, promising that the team is “carefully lifting character creation limits on servers to allow new players to join servers that they may not have been able to join previously,” as well as “closely monitoring server populations and queue times, so these character creation limits may return as queues begin to grow.” Because server limits vary regularly, players should restart their clients to get the most up-to-date server information.

This hasn’t helped fans who are seeking to join their friends and guildmates, resulting in furious forum discussions about the problem, as well as threads regarding wait times and other concerns. One discussion requested that Lost Ark have free server transfers, however a developer answer notes that this functionality is not available in any version of the game. “This is not something we have the capacity to execute immediately,” the response notes, “and we will have to work through options with Smilegate RPG.”

Despite this, the game has witnessed a surge in popularity since yesterday, reaching over 980K at its all-time high and over 840K in-game as of this writing; the all-time high figure might be beaten as the weekend progresses. [Edit: It’s already over 1 million, soaring over the previous high established earlier this week.]

The MMOARPG has also had a generally good response on Steam, with the majority of user reviews ranking it as “Mostly Positive.” Make sure to check out Tyler’s pre-release hands-on for further impressions.


Lost Ark promises to manage server limits and queues as over 1M players arrive for free-to-play launch. The game is a MMORPG that has been in development since 2010, with the release of Lost Ark: Survival Evolved on July 29th. Reference: lost ark class population.

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