The new League of Legends PBE has brought a new feature called “creep score”, or the “creep score per minute” (CS/min) for short. This is a little bit of a mouthful, so it’s called CS/min. It’s a measure of how good your game is, and is used in LoL ranking to give you a score as a whole team. For the sake of this article, I’ll be focusing on the CS/min score per champs.

LoL is a game that is played on a League of Legends server with a maximum of 40 players, to compete in matches. The aim of this game is to destroy the enemy’s castle before they destroy yours. The game continuously progresses as players level up and gain experience, and they are able to purchase items to help them in their journey to victory.

For those not acquainted, CS is a game mechanic used by League of Legends game players. CS measures the in-game movement of a player within one minute of the match starting. A higher CS score means the opponent will be harder to kill, and a lower score gives the opponent an easier time killing their opponents. The aim of the game is for each team to gain an advantage in this area.

In League of Legends, farming minions is the single most essential way to earn money. All you have to do is land the last blow on a minion, and your currency bag will start to fill up.

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Last-hitting minions, on the other hand, is the easy part. The difficult part is keeping up with the other players in your game (and hopefully, ahead of them). What is the best method to do this? By racking up a high number of CS each minute.

What Is CS and How Does It Work?

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The term “creep score” is abbreviated as “CS.” The number of minions and jungle monsters a player has slain during the game is referred to as their CS.

Except for the jungler, everyone else’s CS will come nearly entirely from killing minions. Jungler CS, on the other hand, is earned mainly through destroying jungle camps and the odd minion. In a nutshell, CS symbolizes a player’s money earned by killing minions and/or monsters.

What Does a Good CS Per Minute Mean?

A lot of variables go towards calculating a decent CS per minute. The player’s rank and role are the most important. A good CS for players in the Iron to Silver level is about 6–7 CS per minute. 8 CS/min is a decent target to achieve as you go from Gold to Platinum. Players at higher levels usually strive for a CS/min rate of about 10 if at all feasible. 

In terms of CS by role, there isn’t much variation. ADC is the role that worries the most about CS in general, particularly late in the game. Top and Mid Lane aim to farm as much as can during the lane phase, but they don’t need as much late in the game (although they still need to stay on pace). Because there are fewer jungle monsters than lane minions, jungler CS will almost always be lower than everyone else’s, but their CS is worth more money.

The typical non-jungle player should have between 60 and 80 CS after around 10 minutes. At twenty minutes, aim for 120–160 calories. After then, the rate decreases somewhat, but you should make every effort to maintain this trajectory.

Farming on the Lane

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Each lane has its own set of challenges when it comes to CS farming. I’m going to divide this part into several sections since each lane includes distinct kinds of characters. 

Farming as a top lane Champion is very simple. When fighting tanks, the best approach is to attack your farm when they aren’t on top of the lane, since they will attempt to push you back. If you’re a ranged character, you’ll want to force them up against their tower; otherwise, it’ll be a stalemate in the center. When it comes to brawlers, it all comes down to how aggressive they are. Against brawlers, you should usually let the wave push up closer to your tower. This shouldn’t be too difficult since they’ll usually clear their wave fast and let theirs push.

Farming in the middle lane is difficult to anticipate. The biggest thing to look out for when dealing with burst mages is them attempting to burst you when you’re farming. Before approaching them, wait until their wave has used all of its powers (if you need to). Assassins will want to do something similar to mages, but their burst requires them to also be on top of you. As a result, farming against assassins is completely dependent on who you’re playing. Your opponent laner’s roams are another thing to keep an eye on. If they leave the lane and you don’t pursue, you have a fantastic opportunity to concentrate on CS and catch up on any you may have missed.

As an ADC, achieving a decent CS per minute is very simple. Because money is so essential, you want to collect as many CS as possible, but you also have to look out for two opponents at once. In normal situations, this is a problem, but since you’re ranged, you’ll be able to stay back farther and still farm. If things become too difficult, you may always let your wave get pushed by opponents and caught beneath the tower. Farming beneath the tower on ADC isn’t difficult, thus this is a safe bet.

Jungle: Because farming in the jungle is very difficult, I won’t go into great depth about it here. To earn CS in the jungle, all you need to know is that you must kill jungle creatures. There’s clearly a lot more to it, but it would need its own article.

Improving Your CS Per Minute with Good CS

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Starting to monitor your performance is one of the most effective methods to improve your CS. A tool like OP.GG is an excellent place to begin. Go to the website, choose your area (for example, North America (NA), and then type in your Summoner name. Your score will be calculated for you, and you’ll be able to see your CS per minute.

The first thing you should do if you want to increase your CS is to start actively concentrating on farming. It’s tempting to zone out or concentrate only on your opponent laners, but you must prevent this in the early game, since farming is the most essential and hardest aspect of the game.

It’s not always easy to maintain your concentration on farming while simultaneously keeping track of opponents, but it’s necessary. You’ll see an instant increase in your average CS once you start doing this.

I also suggest reviewing your stats on a regular basis to evaluate how you’re performing in games and where you might improve. Also, attempt to figure out what your opponents’ patterns are. In a game, it shouldn’t take long to figure out how your opponent will attempt to play, so keep that in mind. It will tell you how you need to alter your farming approach right now.



It’s not simple to farm and maintain a high CS per minute, particularly for novice players. It’s never a bad idea to practice farming and strive to improve, whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years. We hope you found our LoL CS tutorial helpful; please leave a comment if you have any other suggestions.

Have fun gaming!

Since LoL players are very good at noticing and reporting enemy players that are close to them, and since the average creep score of creeps (creep neutral mobs that spawn as a result of killing monsters or finishing quests) is a very good measure of player skill, we can use it to measure players CS (Creep Score) per minute.. Read more about lol cs per minute overlay and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is perfect Cs per minute?

The perfect CPM is the number of beats per minute that will give you the most amount of points. This would be about 100-110 depending on your skill level.

Is 70 CS at 10 minutes good?

70 CS is a good score to aim for, but it will take you 10 minutes to get there.

How much CS should you have at 10 minutes?

I dont know.

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