The 12.4 Patch is a massive update that includes new content like the “Loot 4 Gold” game mode, and updates to champions such as Tahm Kench and Aurelion Sol. Release date: December 7th!

The “12.2 patch notes” is a new update for League of Legends which will introduce a number of changes to the game. The release date of the patch has not been announced yet.

League of Legends Patch 12.4 Notes - Release Date,

Patch 12.4 for League of Legends Notes - Release Date, The Chem-Baroness Renata Glasc, Shockblade Skins

This is where we’ll go through everything that’s new and different in Patch 12.4 for League of Legends.

New champion The Chem-Baroness Renata Glasc, has joined the battle in LoL Patch 12.4 on the PBE.

Its release date is revealed in the patch notes, along with the inclusion of a pair of new Shockblade skins.

Riot Games releases updates for its popular MOBA at a consistent pace, necessitating the use of a patch calendar to keep track of when the next one is coming. The LoL Patch 12.4 release date has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 16, when the modifications that have passed testing will be implemented on live servers.

Patch 12.4 for League of Legends

Admiral Glasc (1350 RP), Firelight Ekko, Shockblade Kassadin, Shockblade Shen, and Shockblade Qiyana are among the five new skins available on the PBE.

Patch 12.4 for League of Legends Notes - Release Date, The Chem-Baroness Renata Glasc, Shockblade Skins

Patch 12.4 for League of Legends Notes - Release Date, The Chem-Baroness Renata Glasc, Shockblade Skins

Closer to launch, the LoL 12.4 maintenance plan is always disclosed. Patches are often delivered across many areas in roughly 3 hours. Checking our League of Legends Server Status page is a great method to stay up to date on server unavailability due to patch deployment or other issues.

The Chem-Baroness Renata Glasc

Patch 12.4 for League of Legends Notes - Release Date, The Chem-Baroness Renata Glasc, Shockblade Skins

League 12.4 expands the MOBA’s already sizable roster with its newest champion, The Chem-Baroness Renata Glasc. You can learn more about her below and check out her ability tooltips, as spotted by Surrender at 20.


  • Mana Base: 350
  • 50 mana per level
  • 30 MR (base)
  • 0.5 MR per level
  • 525 base HP
  • Per-Level HP: 80
  • HP5: 5.5
  • Per Level HP Regen: 0.11
  • AD 51 as a starting point
  • Levels of AD: 3
  • Armor Base: 29
  • Per-Level Armor: 4
  • 330 mph is the base move speed.
  • 2.11 Attack Speed Per Level
  • Range of Attack: 550


(Passive) Leverage:

  • Renata Glasc’s basic attacks mark and injure her opponents. Damage dealt by Renata’s allies consumes the mark, causing it to take more damage.

(Q) Handshake:

  • Renata Glasc fires a missile from her robotic arm, causing the first adversary struck to be rooted. If the thrown target is a champion, she may reactivate the ability to toss the adversary in a specific direction, damaging and stunning the foes struck.

Bailout (W) entails the payment of a sum of money to a

  • Renata Glasc increases an ally champion’s Attack Speed and Move Speed as they approach foes. The bonus duration is reset whenever an ally scores a takedown on an opponent champion. If an ally dies while Bailout is still active, their health is restored, but they begin to burn to death over the course of three seconds. Before they perish, the ally may halt the fire by securing a champion takedown.

Program of Loyalty (E):

  • Renata Glasc fires chemtech rockets against adversaries, shielding teammates while damaging and slowing them. The rockets also throw their affects around her and explode at maximum range.

Invasion of the Hostiles (R):

  • Renata Glasc unleashes a cloud of chemicals, causing foes to become Berserk, raising their Attack Speed and compelling them to attack anything in their path. Berserk foes attack their own comrades first, then neutral troops, Renata Glasc’s squad, and finally Renata Glasc herself.

There are no balance changes to talk about just yet, but we expected more to drop as Patch 12.4 for League of Legends’s PBE stay continues. Be sure to check back regularly, as we’ll update this article as soon as we learn more.

League of Legends is a free-to-play PC game that is currently accessible.

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The “11.24 patch notes” is a release date for the next League of Legends patch. It also includes information on what has changed in the new patch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time do League patches usually come out?

A: This is hard to answer without a specific time window. The most common time for a patch to come out, however, would be around 9PM EST or 3AM CEST

What is the current patch for LoL?

A: The latest patch is 9.1

Is the LoL patch out?

A: Yes, the patch is now live.

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