The Lunar Revel event is a celebration of the Chinese zodiac that takes place over two weeks beginning on February 5, 2022 and ending on February 19. The first day marks the start date with various celebrations throughout the globe. The last day marks the end date with various events in China to reflect its culture.

The “League of Legends Lunar Revel 2022” is a special event that will take place on the first day of the year in 2022. The event will be similar to the current one, and it will also be shorter.

League of Legends Lunar Revel Event 2022 Start and End

League of Legends Lunar Revel Event 2022 Start and End Dates - Here's When It Begins and Ends

League of Legends has ushered in the year 2022 with a new competitive season, champion, and a slew of tweaks to the game’s balance. The MOBA’s Lunar Revel 2022 event started yesterday, and its start, finish date, and awards have already been revealed.

The Lunar Revel event 2022 in League of Legends includes many new skins for players to buy, as well as a slew of additional cosmetic goodies that can be obtained via quests, the game’s battle pass, or the in-game shop.

League of Legends Lunar Revel Event 2022 Start and End Dates - Here's When It Begins and Ends

League of Legends Lunar Revel Event 2022 Start and End Dates - Here's When It Begins and Ends

The commencement date for League of Legends’ Lunar Revel 2022 has been set on January 26. If you’re reading this, the party is already in full swing. It will then expire on February 28, allowing gamers a little more than a month to complete all of the objectives and earn as many prizes as possible.

  • The League of Legends Lunar Revel 2022 event will begin on January 26 at 1 p.m. PT/9 p.m. GMT.
  • The Lunar Revel event in League of Legends 2022 will finish on February 28 at 11:59 p.m. PT/7:59 a.m. GMT.

The Lunar Revel 2022 Event Pass, which costs 1650 RP, as well as the Lunar Revel 2022 Event Pass Bundle, which costs 2650 RP, is now available for purchase.

The former unlocks the pass, as well as four Firecracker Orbs and 200 Lunar Revel 2022 Tokens.

The latter also includes the Porcelain Lux Icon, Porcelain Lux Skin, and Lux Champion, which is especially useful if you don’t already possess Lux and have been eyeing her as the next champion to learn.

For the course of the event, a selection of additional tasks will be accessible. Some are open to all gamers, while others need the purchase of the above-mentioned pass.

More information on their goals and prizes can be found on the MOBA’s support site, which also lists the prices of new skins, chromas, and other consumable goods.

Porcelain, Firecracker, Crystal Rose, and Withered Rose are among the new skins introduced in LoL’s Lunar Revel event 2022. Check out the trailer below now that the start and finish dates have been determined.

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The “league of legends lunar new year 2022” is a time that celebrates the Lunar New Year. This event will start on February 5, 2022 and will end on January 31, 2023.

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