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If you’ve never heard of Kingfall, you’re probably looking at the wrong place. This is a casual fantasy MMORPG with a focus on casual gameplay and NFT trading. All the elements of a “proper” MMORPG are there, but in a casual way. For example: How fast is the character going? How many items can he carry? How many spells can he cast? How many monsters can he kill in a given amount of time?

Kingfall is a new multiplayer fantasy MMO being developed by Dragonfly Games. In Kingfall, players will take on the role of a self-appointed ruler within a kingdom and use their skills and influence to build a kingdom of their own.. Read more about lotro least played class 2021 and let us know what you think.


It’s a trip reading Kingfall’s announcement pinned tweet. The game will be released shortly. That’s all fine. It’s a lighthearted fantasy MMORPG. That seems like it might be fascinating. It may be played in a variety of locations throughout the world. That’s a positive thing. Early investors are guaranteed a portion of income for the rest of their lives… wait, that’s strange. Then it says it has NFT integration, and if you’re acquainted with the phrase, that’s when everything starts to raise enormous red lights, and you start backing away slowly. (If you’ve never heard of NFTs, consider yourself lucky; you’ve lived a life devoid of weird blockchain crypto gibberish.)

There’s no further information about the game or how it’s intended to integrate NFTs on Twitter or the official website, but the fact that it’s front and center in the announcement indicates that whatever the answer to that question is, you should be suspicious. Of course, if you really want to assist a crypto mining operation using your phone, you should not do so. You want for greater things.

Kingfall is approaching…

• Casual fantasy MMORPG with a global audience of over 10 million players • Lifetime revenue sharing for early investors • NFT integration based on @flow blockchain

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August 17, 2021 — Kingfall Game (@KingfallGame)


Kingfall is proud to be able to represent the casual MMO genre in a way that is rarely seen in the games, and this is why we are excited to announce our upcoming release, a truly free-to-play game with a relaxed approach to the genre while keeping the fun and excitement of MMORPGs alive.. Read more about crowfall choosing faction and let us know what you think.

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