In the wake of recent events in Ukraine, a new player enters the combat arena with an eye on fundraising for those who need it most.
I am currently investigating this project and will give you my findings soon!

The “broken ranks release date” is an upcoming game by Broken Ranks. The game is an isometric MMO that will feature a content roadmap, and raise funds for Ukrainian relief.

Isometric MMO Broken Ranks lays out content roadmap, raises funds for Ukrainian relief


We haven’t touched base with Broken Ranks, that turn-based MMO which caught an awful lot of attention, since its somewhat chaotic launch in late January. It turns out that the developers are hard at work laying out a content pipeline for the rest of 2022.

This year’s first quarter will be focused on enhancements, side missions, guild lands, and some adventures in and around Castle Specter. Then there’ll be a (checks) Bunny Marathon and a puppet master dungeon in spring. Finally, a guild system, an underground map, PvP tournaments, guild wars (no, not that), and the game’s third act will finish off the year.

On top of all of that craziness, Poland-based Whitemoon Games helped to raise funds — and donated profits — for the Red Cross operations in the war-torn Ukraine. “We’re very proud — this is proof that the community of Broken Ranks can help, unite, and work hand-in-hand if needed,” the studio said.


🔥CONTENT ROADMAP🔥 Some time has already passed since the release, so it’s a good moment to publish our roadmap. Please note that the nearest updates have more exact dates while the more distant ones are only approximations. Don’t worry, we’ll keep the roadmap updated‼️✌️

— Whitemoon Games (@Whitemoon_Games) February 23, 2022

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