While the objective of most games is to win, some games provide a near-impossible challenge that locks the player into a high level of frustration. However, there is a way to overcome this challenge and yet still experience a rewarding gaming experience.

These days it seems like when you go to play a game the first thing you do is play it on Easy. I think that’s a terrible idea for a number of reasons. For one, you’re missing out on all the fun achievements and trophies. Instead of easily beating games, you’re simply playing them. This is not how we play games. To me, this is like watching movies and then not going to the theater to see them. You’re missing out on the best part: the movie.

For the game Humankind’s toughest difficulty level, this guide provides the optimal map settings. Because the described approach was selected to compensate for the AI benefits, the following map parameters will be ideal. However, you may complete the game on Humankind difficulties in a number of ways. To learn more, read this guide.

Humankind Difficulty Level Optimal Map Settings

humankind 2

Dimensions of a World Map

The size of the world map should be enormous. The exact approach is determined on the number of participants, but in general, the bigger the group, the better. Having a vast landmass enables you to grow farther before encountering conflict. Minor civilizations may also sprout more readily, giving you additional options for claiming land. You may still utilize the money to occupy areas if you’re forced to select a less powerful culture (such as the merchant culture).

Shape of the World

Large Pangea should be the world’s shape. This makes prospecting and acquiring potential trading partners much easier. Because of the game’s vast and shallow seas, the player is often prevented from connecting with other continents until Cogs are studied.

Land Area as a Percentage of Total Area

The land percentage should be between 70 and 80 percent. This element is essential, similar to having a big Pangea globe form, so that enough ocean area is available for ship trade routes to be readily accessible. You may quickly become landlocked if you don’t have enough water, and you won’t be able to access trade partners to counterbalance the stability benefits.

Temperature and Climate

Smaller food yields are more common in cold/dry areas, which is something you should be concerned about right now. With lower yields, the benefits have a greater effect on the terrain. With the AI boost, dry grass with +1 food may quickly become +4 food, a +300 percent increase. Prairie, which had a +2 food bonus, now has a +5 food bonus, a +150 percent boost.


A flatter elevation is preferable. The pace of reconnaissance and ultimate identification of prospective trade partners is increased when the elevation is flat. Flat elevation has a propensity to lower flat industry returns, making the AI FIMS bonus seem to be superior.

Speed of the game

The optimum game speed is Slow/Endless. Despite the fact that I’ve played most of my games at normal pace, I’ve found that slower game speeds are easier. However, with such a tiny sample size and just a few games, it’s tough to give an unequivocal suggestion, but I thought I’d bring it up.

Concerning Humanity

HUMANKINDTM is a historical strategy game in which you will rewrite human history and combine civilizations to build a civilisation that is as unique as you are. As you guide your people from the Ancient to the Modern Age, you may combine up to 60 historical civilizations. From modest beginnings as a Neolithic tribe to becoming the Babylonians in the Ancient Era, the Mayans in the Classical Era, the Umayyads in the Medieval Era, the British in the Early Modern Era, and so forth. Each culture will offer its own unique gameplay layer, resulting in almost limitless possibilities.

Face historical events, make morally significant choices, and achieve scientific discoveries. Explore the world’s natural marvels or construct the most amazing human inventions. Every aspect of the game is historically accurate. Combine them to create your own unique worldview.

Thank you for reading the instructions with patience. You may write a comment if you wish to express your thoughts about it. In the near future, I’ll be returning with additional tutorials. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying themselves. Have a wonderful day and take care of yourself!


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