The player count for 4X games is the highest it has ever been, and this is largely due to the success of games like Civilization VI and Total War: Warhammer.

The valorant player count is a command-line tool that allows users to find out how many players are currently playing the top 4X games.

Humankind's Player Count Currently Makes It the Top 4X Strategy Game on Steam

Humankind, perhaps the most anticipated 4X strategy game of the year, quickly earned a place among the most played titles on Steam on launch day. It also outperformed Civilization 6, a giant in the category.

The anticipation for Humankind was palpable from the start, and the game benefitted from the fact that it was developed by Amplitude Studios.

Its Endless series produced some of the finest 4x strategy games on the market, and the studio was very open about wanting to make the transition to a historical setting as exciting as possible.

Player Count on Steam for Humankind

Humankind's Player Count Currently Makes It the Top 4X Strategy Game on Steam

Humankind's Player Count Currently Makes It the Top 4X Strategy Game on Steam

According to the website Steam Database, Humankind’s opening day player count peaked at 55,284 concurrent users, significantly exceeding Civilization 6’s 37,173 players.

Amplitude Studios’ newest game also has the benefit of being the new kid on the block, promising to shake up the subgenre — our review dives further into how well it succeeded in doing so – but it still has a long way to go before reaching Civ 6’s all-time high of 162,657 concurrent players.

At the time of writing, Humankind has 41,217 players trying their hand at fusing some of the game’s 60 civilizations into a single great civilisation.

It’s an excellent start to the game, and if you’re interested in joining in, our tutorials on city cap and adding outposts to cities will help you get started.

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