Join us on this journey through the Roman Empire and learn how to heal from battle wounds. Use your medical skill tree to create a healing regimen that will be effective in combat.

How To Heal In Expeditions Rome

In Expeditions Rome, How To Heal

In Expeditions Rome, healing while in fight is a tad tough. Check out this tutorial to learn how to recover in Expeditions Rome so that you don’t have to deal with as many injuries. The fewer your injuries, the more battling you can do.

In Expeditions Rome, How To Heal

To heal, you’ll need either Syneros or a bandage on your character. Syneros’ unarmed weapon set has the capacity to heal. Switch to set 2 by clicking the little 1 beside your weapon on the bottom left. By default, Set 2 is unarmed, and he has to be unarmed in order to heal. Sooth Pain is the name of the talent, and it heals any ally within reach. The disadvantage is that it cannot repair Syneros.

The second alternative is to use a bandage, which you should not do at first. After four or five missions, I believe you are ultimately handed bandages to utilize. I’d put them on two characters that aren’t Syneros to give you more heals. Because it’s a tactical item, it doesn’t need any action points to utilize. The disadvantage is that if you use it three times, it will run out. Make a Legatus Tent and leave the supplies there to refill them at your camp.

Injuries in Expeditions Rome: How To Treat Them

Injuries are a bit more difficult to deal with. You may heal the unit for free by leaving it in camp or using Triage from the main menu. Medical herbs and a medic skill are required for triage. It is less expensive to leave them in camp to recover for free, but you must return to pick them up.

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Healing in combat in Expeditions Rome is a little tricky. Check out this guide to find out In Expeditions Rome, How To Heal so you don’t have to deal with injuries as much. The less injuries you have, the more fighting you can do.

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